1. Lol, I got a quest to feed a specific cult member poo and felt so bad about it that I later married her.

  2. So it's a way to get something otherwise rare and difficult to obtain. Makes me wonder how many false accounts exist as the ones refered just to gain access to this.

  3. I feel like at least half of the total accounts are ones where an existing player buys a package for referral and sign-up bonuses and later transfers it to their main account, never touching this empty account again.

  4. same principal, you just need an email list like a petition and typically the firm will send out a private email to confirm. I have a feeling that there may be a shit load of people pissed in the next 2-3 months as this thing falls apart.

  5. Why don't you organize it then? You could use this subreddit and the mods to find people.

  6. no claim, and no time, not enough caring... I just hate scams. But my only point in this disaster post was... hey I thought a class action was dumb until I had dinner with a lawyer who did them and told me otherwise, but explained the hurdles but also the opportunities. People might care about it enough here... and I thought it was natural place to organize but I feel like (me included) most people just love shitting on the project as a vent. Too bad the organizer could get a decent slice.

  7. Ahh, I see. I personally haven't given CIG any money either, but I also feel like it's possible to organize since there are a ton of people, it's just that they come through in serial fashion.

  8. I don't think CIG publicized the event because this photo was taken low-key (not by me) because this event was entirely a trap to squeeze nerds for money like making orange juice 😆.

  9. I sat at the table with Dan Trufin, could've had the chance to switch over to CRs table, but back then I was too hesitant and honestly not yet as critical of CIGs progress as I am today to even think about asking some hard unpleasent questions.

  10. At least you had an interesting experience 😀. Praying on the hopes and good-will of people for gain is the very definition of a conman.

  11. Wow, this all looks great! I can't wait to try it out.

  12. I was just doing a ballpark survey, but it supposedly began in 2014 and releasing this June so to me 2023 - 2014 = 9 is good enough.

  13. Do ett. Try all the games.

  14. He thought he was savior of PC gaming with Star Shitizen.

  15. I'm of the belief that he's still more child-naive and narcissistic than scammer, and that it's the people in his orbit who form paralytic relationships to enable him and to spread his delusions that are 100% conmen.

  16. People talk about FANG companies, but truly, F, and G have become much less relevant today than they were a decade ago. Amazon is holding strong, Netflix has stiff competition and in turn responded with the strategy of shooting one own’s foot. If you go by FAANG, you have Apple, which is doing well, and curiously, despite the acronym, the one company doing the best is Microsoft. In that time has overtaken Apple as largest company by market cap (lost it, but lasted a good while). I always wondered why people slept on MS, and still do. I invested when it was $30ish a stock 10 years ago, and rode the gravy train to $300 (and down a bit).

  17. So true. I feel like lot of MS's successes is attributed to their heavy investment into Azure and cloud computing (just like Amazon's main dominance). These days in software, the biggest money is in streamlining another business's operations, not really in consumer-facing products/services, which is where F and G had been investing in.

  18. Holy shit man. I'm so sorry to you and to your wife. I would imagine that that's a horrible thing to experience.

  19. Same question - did brood had some -armor talent at some point?

  20. I feel like her and her broodlings used to apply debuffs that reduced armor.

  21. Not much, I was asked to play by a friend and watched some YouTube videos and it looked super cool. I'm fine with bugs and being a bit patient, if I could still attempt to play through the bugs I'd just wait it out. To be honest, the support really rubbed me the wrong way which was really just the final straw. I sent about 3 tickets over the course of 5 days and not one answered my question directly. Then I finally asked for a refund which I didn't really expect to get due to it being outside the 30 window. I was really blissfully unaware of all the bad things until I started asking support for help and talked to other players about their issues.

  22. Don't worry, it's not entirely your fault even if you did "do your research". CIG and the community go out of their way to portray the game as within the normal expectations of the gaming community when it's anything but.

  23. You should check out how many posts get deleted by hand by mods:

  24. Lol, I was actually just reading your thread even though I hardly ever go on Spectrum.

  25. This is basically the equivalent of Pac Man underperforming on a Pentium 1.

  26. UltraHLE (or whatever that janky N64 emulator was called) on a Pentinum 4 emulating Superman 64, lool.

  27. I don't want to disagree with you because for certain tasks - the cloud is absolutely more cost effective. Especially non CPU bound tasks where you have a shared web host plan with a simple blog / MySQL db. The cost to host JUST that in the cloud on your own servers would absolutely not make sense.

  28. Yeah, I can believe that the costs shift at some point. I bet that's why many universities still maintain their own for academic work (special requirements beyond economics notwithstanding).

  29. PES is just a database to store item details and location info. Why is the entire game getting crushed by a single database? I just don’t understand why this is such an engineering challenge for CIG.

  30. My impression is that PES needs a subfeature like game state save/restore like in emulators. I would imagine trying to implement such a feature in a highly convoluted, spaghetti codebase is nigh impossible.

  31. Yeah, definitely. It probably affects all areas of the game with all kinds of symptoms. There are probably still a lot of areas in the engine that aren't timing tolerant as a leftover from single-player optimized Cryengine, even after all the overhauling.

  32. I'll even include one finger up the black hole.

  33. So really the main issue here is it's all your fault.

  34. I can't be the only one who thinks J3PT is Nightrider, right? I mean, it's very plausible that Nightrider uses J3PT as an outlet for all the crap that gets thrown at him, right?

  35. You're not wrong. I've slowly gotten used to it. I'm in therapy.

  36. Yeah, I was giving him the benefit of the doubt until I read his replies on the relationship_advise, and they are absolutely vile, and he might likely turn that on you one day.

  37. You should tell your friend that the official (official in the sense of the most well-known and longest running) Q account that had the famous account hash on 8kun was operated by an otherwise normal, albeit kind of edgy guy named Ron Watkins, and his (most likely into kids) dad Jim Watkins. Jim Watkins wrote a copy of 4chan and called it 8kun because 4chan didn't have enough kid pictures (I'm being completely serious), and hosted it on their own computers at their home in the Philippines.

  38. Here's a pretty famous article that gets circulated around on Reddit that somewhat relates to what you're going through:

  39. It looks absolutely cool as hell, and I love his version is now with more grape juice, but just one tiny issue.... how would a beginner know that you can duck that?

  40. This is how I feel, too. I grew up watching technology offer a democratization of information and access, and it felt like we were preparing for a much more just and healthy future. It was so exciting! But then, pretty much every component of the internet was destroyed by capitalism.

  41. I honestly kind of had my mind blown when I recently did a basic Google search for some basic arse tech question and was startled to find that all, and I mean every single one of the results was of a money-making, affiliation generating blog post.

  42. The whole build that CIG keep iterating on is a giant placeholder. It was developed by amateurs in terms of the planning, structuring, and execution. The only impressive tech there are the planets, which incidentally made CIG completely lose focus on what they were originally trying to do: build a space sim. Now, you have Chris Roberts inspecting every square inch of each planetary body they've made to ensure they're at the highest possible fidelity level.

  43. Man, so much stuff and drama has happened in these past 12 years that we even lose sight on things.

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