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  1. "22 Nisan 1926, ─░stanbul.S├╝reyya ┼×evket alt─▒nc─▒ ay─▒n─▒ bitirdi─či g├╝n" yaz─▒yor.

  2. O anlamda demedim sadece g├╝zel olmam─▒┼č demek istedim "meh" gibi bi┼čey ingilizcede nah

  3. As a well, I can confirm that I am, Indeed, kinda THICK

  4. Are you new to photoshop beacuse it only needs Ctrl and T and you can with alt move it at its side

  5. I think commmander cody was underrated and rex was overrated he couldn't even execute a fricking order

  6. Av┼čar soda ┼či┼česinden mi bulcaklarmis

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