1. Just keep going, I did maybe 10 of these before I got this. You can do this!

  2. Another Giveaway! Just comment to enter, and the winner will be announced at 6AM Central Time! Good luck to everyone!

  3. I can help you with that. Im good with either. Let me know a trade code!

  4. Are you willing to touch trade legendaries while we are here?

  5. I’m tempted but I’m saving it for when my partner finishes the game. Thanks for the trade!

  6. How can someone’s eyes be that big and gorgeous. My small eyes and I are jealous.

  7. So on my map, i don't see any tera raids, across the whole map. Any ideas?

  8. They only appear after you get your tera orb I believe

  9. Exactly my thought when I read the demo. I couldn’t even finish the demo. I found myself reading mindlessly just to get through the new page.

  10. I’ve never been interested in console games but I couldn’t help myself.

  11. That’s a staple in every Vietnamese home. If you don’t have fresh coconut juice, you can use the coconut soda, Coco Rico (sp??)

  12. I completely forgot about pickled mustard greens. It'd be great to balance out the fat.

  13. The Caffe near my work used to have a big tray of this ready fairly often for lunch.

  14. It’s really easy, the only difficult thing is to wait. The dish gets better every time you reheat it on the stove because the broth gets concentrated. It’s the best on the second and third day.

  15. A taste of the divorce album? Pleaseee Kelly

  16. I was not doing anything suspicious I swear

  17. Looking at the invisible alien jello sitting on your head. Probably.

  18. This is a good song but I kinda have the same problem that I had with the Pokemon 25 album, it's just kinda a generic feel good song. I'm still waiting for someone to have the audacity release a song that actually name drops some Pokemon! Sample

  19. I'll take my generic feel-good song this time haha. Let the others do the more experimental stuff. Ed shines with these types of sound. Really highlight his songwriting ability.

  20. This is so so good. I knew it would be given how catchy the snippet is but it's beyond my expectations. One of the catchiest songs Ed has ever put out

  21. Right? It was hitting me in my feels. I haven’t felt that way for music in awhile. Very nostalgic.

  22. My favorite Pokemon collab yet! It gave me all the feels.

  23. Are they singing live? I genuinely can't tell. Maybe loud backtrack?

  24. They need to tone down the amount of make up on Yujin 😭

  25. My favorite song from Florence and the Machine! Kelly's vocal is on point while looking amazing as always.

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