1. Not sure why his last story wasn’t in the clip but if anyone wanted to know he just posted a video with text saying: Big up the AFL, lived it, loved it, farewell to the beautiful game

  2. That's some good cherry picking of stats. I can make the exact opposite point using stats from other years. From 2007 to 2010, the interchanges increased from 56 to 113 and yet scoring decreased from 95.4 to 90.2.

  3. That’s a fair counter point. Yet I still believe that the game is better to watch with unlimited interchanges. On paper, unlimited interchanges should speed the game up, decrease tiredness, increases quality of play and decrease injuries. The less interchanges allowed per game the more AFL clubs will draft “athletes” over “natural footballers”.

  4. It ticks every box, except basically ever being financially viable. There is just not the population size to justify it. The state government would probably have to fund the team indefinitely

  5. Yeah it would definitely have to be backed indefinitely financially by the government as you say. But with the associated economic and social benefits I’m sure the government would make the financial contribution. NT record footy crowd was 17,500 in 2002 in a 18,000 seater stadium at the time. With a new 25,000 seater stadium in the heart of Darwin that has been proposed in plans, the team can work.

  6. An Essendon board director dined this week with a group including a Sydney Swans academy coach and the Greater Western Sydney chief executive.

  7. Legend. IMO one of the most significant holdbacks for the giants is their identity. The name, the brand.

  8. You're going to have to clarify your question.

  9. Yeah I was more meaning what if the new deal is a record low… what would be the consequences for the league?

  10. Dennis' son Mark also has a similar voice. He was also a pro wrestler in the US.

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