1. I bought a pack of gold standard couple years back 2020 I believe and it hit a not worth it period but I was able to atleast break even I could've made some but I kept a couple for my P.C.

  2. I mean I would of too I don’t take disrespect lightly k

  3. It’s prob because the stronger stuff is their Single Source (made from their flower) i went myself for carts and the best strongest one was the single source white truffle from their garden… I got three other ones that were sourced from humble farms and were just okay… wish I would of came earlier in the month the guy said it was a crazy month for sales and most of their single source ambrosia carts were bought up and there were none of the SHO ones left lol must of been fire

  4. If the guy didn't resign he would of been fired. They all should be facing criminal investigation. Resigning isn't enough

  5. Well dang, Spain lost it for me lol, should of cashed out at 170 😂 win some lose most I reckon

  6. yep, I wish I still had a picture of my dog's daughter, they look even more close, like identical twins minus the fluffy ears

  7. Damn I should of read this before I posted the same thing lol.

  8. could of just been a bug, they do happen.

  9. It's the 1st of the month, how oblivious do you have to be to suggest using Kijiji/FB Marketplace lol sure their landlord will just wait a few days happily while OP looks to get "most bang for their buck" XD unless landlord is super understanding that would of only been an option before today

  10. i completely agree. i remember being so upset when he was hiding his bite and writing his letter to Rick. to me it always felt like Rick was living for Carl. everything he was doing was for his kids and after Carl was gone it’s like what was the point? i wish the writers would of handled the Rick/Judith storyline a lot better because their relationship was so underdeveloped.

  11. Than why tf did we wait 2 months to disclose this. So fricken stupid. This would have been forgotten by now, but now we have to deal with this during big 10 championship week, and im sure it won't be forgotten by the time the playoffs begin.

  12. I figured they would of charged him for wearing those clownish ass muck boots his buddy “YE” is pushing

  13. No because of my scoliosis, I had to get surgery. The growth injections would of made my scoliosis worse. So surgery was more important as my rib cage was crushing my heart and lungs.

  14. Stick you tape with all purpose, you can do the first coat with it as well but the 2nd coat is much better done with light wieght or coating mud. In that photo there it just looks like you need more practice and maybe better lighting well work. One more pass with a knife or trowel could of blended that in better. Make sure you are keeping lots of pressure on the edge of your tool to feather the compound to the drywall and not lifting the other side too high off where your building a valley in the middle of the joint. One more pass down the middle with even pressure over the blade would flatten the center out nice. With time and practice it will become second nature and take you less passes to finish a joint, 1 pass to load the joint and 1 or 2 more passes to finish it. Sometimes you have to settle with how it looks and any more passes will make it worse but I bet a few more pills over that joint could of had it looking slick. I usually stick take with a 6-8 knife and try and fill the bevels on the flats in one go. I usually do the first coat with a 5x11 trowel and the second / final coat with a 4x14 inch trowel sometimes a 16-18 inch trowel depending on the situation. These days I usually only stick paper on the angles and mesh the joints and do the first coat with durabond but if your a part timer I'd stick to paper tape and premixed compounds for now.

  15. I should of went with compound but this recurve was way cheaper.

  16. I'm just bought this on the sale, wow. Damn, I could of used that money for gas. They could of definitely given us a heads up but they purposely didn't tell us until at the very last moment. God damnit.

  17. you should of seen him in original overwatch lmao

  18. Granthem Du'Met is the grounds keeper but I do think the limo driver at start of the game is the second killer. No way Du'Met could of killed the black guy and his daughter since he was still on the island what makes me believe the limo driver was involved.

  19. "Why did we have to use my fucking basement then?! We could've of just used yours"

  20. Wtf, I regret watching this. My original idea of a post was that you should of added wait until the ending.

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