1. Are you disabled or did I just hear what it's like for Sims to lose their Xbox?

  2. I know it's great for your fitness etc but it's still a stripper pole. I can't imagine anyone has walked into a kitchen, seen one of those and thought "ah, classy"

  3. Is this comparable to a chick knocking a guys hat off and laughing about it? Like they're both unpleasant, and feel like completely unwarranted acts of no respect

  4. You can really tell the difference on this sub between people who just like Jordan Petersons lectures, and the hard rightwing guys who see everything as an us against them problem - embarrassing

  5. How long have you been staying there? Not saying that it's right, but some people do hide in washrooms IoT evade the ticket check

  6. Some people like this guy, who was definitely hiding in the bathroom to avoid paying for a ticket. I bet you have to be in a toilet for upwards of 30 mins before they even knock on the door, let alone open it

  7. Primary caregiver means a very specific thing

  8. I'd make the comment that learning Welsh is wasted effort - in my 20+ years growing up there, I never once met someone who could only speak Welsh. That is to say that unless you want to impress some Welsh speakers, there are no doors opened by knowing Welsh (except teaching in Wales? As Welsh is a requirement for primary teachers I believe)

  9. If OP is interested in careers in media & communications, Welsh is definitely not a wasted effort. Very beneficial for media or public sector employers.

  10. House the homeless but how dare you stipulate reasonable rules

  11. Kind of wild that you don't take the counters damage upon drawing the card. Also, quite a long vid for 5 seconds at the end lol

  12. Fucking hilarious that this is getting posted here

  13. "throws a fit" - or mutters under his breath and knocks firmly

  14. Fucking based store owner

  15. It's such a non explanation

  16. 15 ppl appear to disagree. Care to explain it yourself then?

  17. If you're confused about what an actual explanation looks like, here's someone else's comment:

  18. jesus christ i hate y’all sometimes. negative ass fuckers who try to put down people putting out their work like this. do you even understand how difficult it is to put an instrument on the internet, let alone your own voice? go to 4chan if you’re gonna be a miserable loser who puts other people down, i’m sure there’s a board there for you

  19. Boo it's the internet not childcare - if you put anything on the internet, you've got to anticipate some people will not like it or be unkind

  20. I put to you that you're missing the point of their complaint. They're not saying nobody else in the band is talented, or can't write a good song.

  21. More info needed - how did you win your car? ;)

  22. Why is reddit so obsessed with beat boxing suddenly, jfc

  23. Could probably do with getting a clean take before posting - it's a little tricky to hear what's going on - sounds interesting though

  24. Did I just watch a cat die?

  25. If youre already gonna die before 35 what does being obese matter

  26. What is this absolut fan fiction of a story. A 3-4 year old breaking a 10 year olds nose?

  27. Jesus Christ the amount of people that seem to legitimately think the spider was inside the sealed wood is mental

  28. Best name ever? Jesus you couldn't pay me enough to screw my kid over like that - might as well get him a "white trash" forehead tattoo

  29. Okay, so a more specific version of another comment I saw.

  30. Made me laugh dude even if everyone else misunderstood

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