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  1. If I got a 48 port switch then I will do a patch panel, switch, 2x patch panel, a switch and then patch panel.

  2. I like this but the issue I have with this is that every U you waste it’s a lot of money. Coming from hosting you need to increase server density as much as possible so each U on patch panel is a waste so we would do the following.

  3. Agreed. You're absolutely correct when it comes to DC's. But this picture doesn't look like a DC. Also in a DC I would get 48 port 1u patch panels, getting 24 port ones is a complete waste.

  4. BGP blackhole towards ISP /32 you need previous negotiation with them.

  5. No, that is not planned. But feel free to go Premium anyway, it's just 1 Euro per month. ;)

  6. Thanks! I just signed up for pro for one year! I'll start moving emails soon enough.

  7. Just to be sure: you can't move existing emails from your current provider to Tutanota.

  8. Would please elaborate? I believe I don't understand the statement

  9. Yes fortinet 60F and you should be good try 70F to avoid having issues with not enough memory this way you can activate all the features at the same time.

  10. Need help let me know I will try to help

  11. But why not just add like a small partition or a snapshot that will cost you like 2$ a month and that’s it? This way you are a paid account and they cannot touch them. I still think that a pretty good deal no?

  12. I found the solution, just to configure the http host header with the url of the public hostname in http settings inside the tunnel configuration.

  13. Hi! Did you find any solution to this? I’m having a very similar issue

  14. People make a lot of excuses for apple here. I’ve been using Apple Music for a week now, listening to classical, bluegrass, funk, rock, Irish trad, jazz, etc. and the first thing on my main page below “recent” is EMO albums!!! Like, wtf that’s not even similar to what I’ve been listening to all week. Spotify would never. Yesterday I typed in “Bartok string quartet” into search and 9/10 results were for Beethoven - this is not due to a lack of Bartok recordings, it’s just apple being pretentious and thinking it knows more than I do about what I want to listen to.

  15. They are good but they need to push business and revenue and that’s where we get affected. It used to be their core business, that’s no longer the case.

  16. If you have iTunes on a computer, select Songs and click first track - shift - click on last track to highlight every track, right click LOVE to favourite every track in your collection. This helps the algorithm.

  17. 😂 you are right. The memory leak hasn’t been fixed and this triggers me a lot I see kernel mode all over the place it’s just sad 😞

  18. am I crazy or this is still a thing?

  19. Do you have more than one provider? If not full table is useless. If you have more than one provider and you cannot have a router that can handle the full table ask the ISP to send you default route plus their customers and peering. This way you can still optimize routing paths and you don’t have to spend a lot of money.

  20. Keep it up man understand the networking part of it the volumes and all of that.

  21. I have seen this happens in a lot of M&As (Merges and Acquisitions) so what we have done is either do some NAT with our own equipment on premises to control what can come to our network from the new company which sucks or we have change and redesign the new network to make sure is standardize correct IP addressing etc. But sometimes companies have legal deadlines to support M&As and you just need to rush a put a firewall there and NAT.

  22. Nice hehehe you can get that when you have the income that people that are partying right now won’t have. But brocade man one of the worst experiences in networking. But still much better than the majority of medium and small network vendors.

  23. The only problem I see with that is that PoE is not a choice. Pi can be powered by PoE and that’s a huge space and outlet saver

  24. Can I use this too? This is why traditional developers should not try to automate networks. Network engineers need to learn a little software development for the future - not the other way around.

  25. Right now I believe is a must if you want to shine in the crowd.

  26. Maybe Smart DnS Proxy and PIA ? They work pretty well for content unblocking. Good luck 🤞

  27. Understood I haven’t tried it yet! Try to find a provider with IP ranges from “residential” pools. I have seen VPNs services like that

  28. I will be adding a docker-compose file (which will also build a docker image) in the coming days!

  29. I'm really tired of Proxmox being thrown in people's faces all the time when it's not always a slam dunk. If you plan on running NVR software and/or media software like Plex/Jellyfin, you're going to have a problem when you want to enable hardware video encoding. Intel's iGPU cannot be shared among the host/VM's, so you have to choose what software gets to use the GPU. This isn't a problem with multiple docker containers, which is why I run HA in qemu/kvm but use docker containers for everything else.

  30. Proxmox or esxi. Virtualize after all you need it’s more efficient IMHO. Or any OS that will let you use containers and/or VMs

  31. Even YouTube can trigger that. Voice call teams WebEx zoom be generous with your threshold. Check the logs or make small adjustments until you feel comfortable

  32. Open a ticket with oracle they will help

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