1. I’ll add: following your passion is good advice but not whole. You need to find your personal niche:

  2. I can share my opinion since I'm going through this right now.

  3. I can totally relate to this. If you need help or have any questions DM me or join my Slack

  4. To get a better life balance even temporarily. To create something new that scales and sells even better. Because you created/bought it to sell in the first place, and hit the marks you set for yourself. Because the next step is going public- and that's not how you operate.

  5. The word "temporarily" makes me laugh because it's true. Most entrepreneurs, especially those looking to exit and retire, quickly find out retirement is boring and are looking to buy or start another business.

  6. No. Influencers are Influencers because of their social media reach . Forcing your employees to positively engage with your brand online is generally unhelpful. They should disclose that they are employees and than it look weird.

  7. Because you are paying for a projected impression/view amount you can get an average of by looking at prior post history.

  8. Aren’t 1,2 & 3 already practiced or at least discussed extensively over the last few years? 5 is definitely still nee with AR and VR headsets slowly gaining traction in masses

  9. Agree! I think they’re all in the “early adoption” stage.

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