1. Actually I think it's because most people here have friends that they actually agree with ideologically and don't want to admit that most of the NBA agrees with Kyrie. Because he says and does shitty things and we don't like to think that we are constantly rooting for and paying attention to mostly terrible people.

  2. And the hard truth that this sub cannot comprehend is that the players do not give one fuck about issues like antisemitism or lgbt rights. Growing up I remember as late as my junior year of high school average kids I was friends with had no idea about things like the holocaust even happened. For them these things are things they were forced to learn about by preachy hypocrites and they would much rather not focus on issues like this when dealing with teammates as it was not and most likely never be important to them.

  3. In my opinion a lot of the people that get outraged over these topics on reddit don't really care themselves. Majority of it is just posturing and wanting to feel morally superior. Look at how everyone on

  4. I think people on this subreddit are aware of how rich the average NBA player is and are wondering why they never use their platform to push a moral/political (to Reddit might as well be the same thing) agenda. The thing that they don’t understand is that the players don’t give a fuck about posing as some hero to people they don’t care about which is more respectable than the performative activism most of Reddit partakes in.

  5. We still had a lot of that energy in 2018-19 especially during our beginning win streak, then we started taking ourselves seriously and now we’re here with a championship ;)

  6. Baritone is the easiest switch/addition, followed by trombone as the slide positions and valves are analogous. Then tuba would be fairly hard, but I’m collegiate level even though I picked it up in a year (a ton of practicing to get the tuba embouchure) French horn is the switch to make if you’re concerned about keeping your embouchure

  7. Lol do you not have an elective you’ve invested yourself in like music/sports?

  8. I stopped talking to my girlfriend/bestfriend in 8th bc my dad saw a text from her that said I sucked dick so he took my phone the entire summer while she chose to go to a magnet school to essentially dodge me. (she unfollowed me on everything and removed any reference to me) When I saw her again at our districts graduation she saw me and IMMEDIATELY put her head down and took the funniest path out of my field of view. I was entirely too embarrassed as well to talk to her, not that she would want anything to do with me. I’ve gone through other girlfriends but she always bugs my mind.

  9. Naw things always end up fine otherwise how could we talk about them later

  10. Lol being the youngest sibling I swear I remember how it was to be clowned on. Sure young teenagers are dumb but it’s the mf internet we’re allowed to be dumb so idk why there’s this superiority complex

  11. They weren’t interested in winning the championship, their run came off as just trying to get as far as possible rather than going all the way. Ducking contenders in the first two rounds then getting exposed by the first experienced team clearly shows that.

  12. Lol I was the only kid at my school taking Physics 2 so the AP coordinator let me take in the morning and was offering me extra time on the sections

  13. AP Linear Algebra (lol i wish they had some other stuff like Culinary, Accounting, etc)

  14. Like what the other comment said you can take charge of your future. Set aside money for CLEP exams that you can easily study for, do online certifications through CourseEra, and try to transition your career through those avenues and maybe find a way back into college

  15. Can you tell me more about the Texas VSN? I live in the state but I've never heard of this

  16. You’d have to contact your counselor about it and what courses are offered to your school district, but here’s the website where you can find the catalog:

  17. Mfw when I get a 4 on the AP Micropenis exam and I can’t go to Bumblefuck Englandorf of Brunsdick unicolley 😔 (my parents are going to throw me in the prom dumpster where I belong)

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