1. Blair is very very insecure & it shows throughout the whole show

  2. Lmao what? You sound crazy😂😂😂😂😂😂

  3. Serena is insecure about men. That's it. She has a new boyfriend every episode and she sells every friend she had for years for a guy she met 5 min ago.

  4. He didn't treat Jenny different because she was a girl, he treated her different because she acted out more. She skipped school, stole from her friends, sabotaged relationships, bullied people, was a drug mule, ran away from home, and lied to everyone around her. She was constantly acting out.

  5. I wrote an answer to something similar above, but just wonder... Why did jenny have to act out so much? The difference started so little (the art show for example) and it escalated all the way because rufus wasn't able to not see her as his little girl. He even confessed so to lily.

  6. While I’d agree if his children were the same, at the end of the day, they weren’t. Dan was a lot more controlled than his sister. If anyone honestly thinks Rufus was expected to allow her to date grown men, sell drugs, and quit school to work full time, that’s laughable to me. He had pretty realistic expectations for his children, but as far as Jenny was concerned, he’d give an inch and she would take a mile. I don’t always love Rufus but he was in a perpetual lose-lose situation when it came to her.

  7. Yes, you're kinda right. But it started way before jenny selling drugs.

  8. Your friend has a delicate ego and gets mad when he dies to someone in a corner .

  9. Sometimes he frags and carries us, but sometimes I'm close to the amount of kills, sometimes I'm even better. But I don't take it as serious as he does.

  10. I’m kinda the same as your friend minus the “I don’t see this in high elo” more like “rat ass spot/ play” but As for not sharing my knowledge with my teammates. People don’t take constructive criticism too well even if they’re hardstuck low elos.

  11. I'd say it depends first on if the hospital did any tests and found anything.

  12. Your little game was a bit much. Especially if you have a common ass name.

  13. I don't have a common name, first of all. And he said he was freaking happy when I added him, he asked me to meet up and he said he wanted to get to know me.

  14. You don't know, if I'm seeing a woman I won't say to her that I am interested in another lol. I just want to keep all my opportunities open. So he may think the same.

  15. Yea I know I should have waited probably, but I'm done with stupid games like this. He was the one to persue, he wanted to meet, he wanted to get to know me. And now he's ghosting me? Like wtf, just tell me you're not interested and I'll be fine. It's not like he is this irresistible human being. I'm just so annoyed by guys at this point in my life and don't have the time or mental space to deal with this bullshit. Either he'll text me back by tonight or I'm blocking him everywhere.

  16. Yeah. I feel like I’m just doing it for attention if I don’t put the effort in.

  17. Nono, you read it right. I meant it like "do you feel weak, because you're not doing it MORE" because whenever I cut myself and fit example just do it once or twice its like I didn't do it at all and feel bad for not going further.

  18. We agreed on a break when he left, but we kept on texting still, so I felt like those were mixed messages. During the break, he said we aren’t broken up, that it’s just “a break”, not a breakup. So, during that time is when he started posting these photos. After that, we had a conversation where I said I didn’t like the break, so we ended up breaking up. Now I’m not watching his stories anymore.

  19. Ah so still pretty young. He probably doesn't really know what he wants, which isn't an excuse of course. But rarely do people stay together being so young and so far apart. It happens, but it's very unlikely.

  20. You should be trying to stop her now. I bet the first thing the cult does once she gets there is have her give them the money from selling the house.

  21. YES! exactly. She's planning on flying overseas in July to look at the properties. I don't know if it's more helpful to fly with her, to try and intervene there in any way or if I should stay out of it completely. But then it's very likely she'll move abroad.

  22. I don't know what her plans are exactly. We're going to talk again tomorrow. But trust me.. Even if she doesn't, she will do anything in her power to get one.

  23. Feeling the need to SH without an obvious reason might be the first sign of an unhealthy coping habit.

  24. Op what do you expect? To him to answer to your times? You’re cold and then give him the last chance and want him to answer happy whenever you feel like? He is not a toy. Give him time.

  25. I wasn't cold all the time. I just didn't want to be touched sometimes and he wanted to touch me. So basically that's the reason he Broke up. Because he needed more touching and I didn't like it.

  26. Yes. He said he needs more touching and I don't feel very comfortable with that. At least that's what he told me.

  27. I was the dumper before and tbh it felt good. I felt free and so much lighter than before.

  28. We didn't work out at all. He didn't care about my emotional needs, or anything. We turned more into roommates than a relationship. I regret not dumping him before tbh. He wasn't a bad guy, just... Spoiled by his mother. Never again.

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