The nightmare

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  1. I was at a dive bar in East TN one night. I walked in swearing to my buddies I was going home with a member of the opposite sex. I woke up the next morning laying in her bed in a single wide on the side of some mountain. She looked just like this only there was rabbit shit stuck to her shirt. Like all over it. The damage was done so I polished off the Milwaukee best on the night stand and went back to sleep hoping I would die in my sleep. Yet, here I am sharing my story so others don't make that mistake.

  2. Shermans, Churchills, and Crusaders (yeah I fuckin said it), are my top 3. They all look different, all have different roles, but they’re all beautiful and good tanks. Also my absolute baby, the Cromwell, but that’s just because brrr tank go fast

  3. I do like the Cromwell too. There’s just some je ne sais quoi about it.

  4. I've been trying 30mins of Hel every now and then. Can't seem to get close to the kills required

  5. I got mine by releasing Czechoslovakia as a puppet immediately and making my redoubt in the south centered around Katowice and Krakow. Your puppet gives you a cheesey defense on one side (just don’t call them into war, obviously) and space to have a “rest” province that the Germans can’t attack so you only have to micro three sides of defense.

  6. Do you go down the Habsburg path for this?

  7. No, I chose one of the Sanation paths but it was a moot point. I got the achievement before I got any good bonuses from the focuses.

  8. I worked Camp Lejeune Base Brig as a Corrections MP in the Marines. We worked 24 hour shifts, some posts like the tower were isolated. You had to sit in a guard tower for 24 hours, which had a chair, desk, panel with buttons and a toilet. Windows all around, about 25ft in the air. They would do radio checks every hour, at random intervals. You weren't allowed to do anything but read military materials or college materials a d smart phones were a thing yet. It fucking sucked. You got exactly 30mins to exit the tower, go to chow, eat and get back. Fucking sucked. Let's just say we caught many Marines doing crazy shit up there. The other shity post was a 3x3 cell with buttons. You could fit a chair and a small desk in there. That post at least has some human contact.. but sucked when the daily routine slowed down and your sitting there for hours, stomping roaches and mice that came out when it was quiet.

  9. No I understand you get it after retirement. But you would think you would be broken to get 100%

  10. To be fair, I’m 100% broken inside and I’m nowhere near retirement age…

  11. It’s an anti aircraft gun pit. So the gunner can walk in a circle following his target. Vietcong dug thousands of these

  12. Get that waiver signed and all they’d need if something went wrong was a hose

  13. This is worse than the time that the raccoon got stuck in the copier.

  14. I really hope they’re shooting at paper targets and not… y’know…

  15. We should have named an AFB after him. In Weed, CA. And it’s unit will be the 420th.

  16. It’s all about establishing dominance.

  17. Is there a way to see why a justification is auto-cancelled. Like i click “Justify”, the game deducts the PP cost, and then instantly cancels it. What gives?

  18. If they lose control of the state the justification will cancel. So if Spain is still in a civil war then that could be what happened.

  19. Interesting - thank you! Will try for one of the states that they typically lose last.

  20. Removing “that’s just the Army way” / “that’s the way it’s always been done” / etc. from everyone’s vocabulary. From day one we are taught to continuously improve our fighting position but continuous improvement isn’t practiced by us all.

  21. Jimmy Soms, I expected more from you! You’re one of my A Team when I play UK!

  22. Gah I'm so stupid sometimes, why didn't I think of that? 🤦‍♂️

  23. Buddy, I’ve been a scout for many years. Here’s the problems.

  24. Aww he’s blushing from being so close to his little fuhrer bakka 🥺😍🥰

  25. The kill/damage counts of individual ships don’t change anything so I’m just assuming it’ll be cosmetic like that too?

  26. On phone: “Hello, BH? Yes this SM right here. Something’s wrong…”

  27. Yes....Yes....let the hate flow through you....and feel the dark side....

  28. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious.

  29. I hate sand it’s coarse and irritating and it gets everywhere

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