1. Cute. Another moment that feels like exploitation.

  2. Who is buying these suits? Spent last week in a very crowded beach town. I did not see one person wearing a metallic string 👙

  3. These parents are trying to groom their children into becoming the next generation of socialites.

  4. It’s fucking disgusting. Why do they need more wealth? Let the kids be kids until they turn 18…

  5. It truly is. Kim and Jessica both know how difficult the spotlight could be especially when you're young and starting out. I don't know why they'd put this burden on their kids.

  6. No. She seems annoyed and inconvenienced by them. She also seems eager to have them make her money.

  7. I think the quizzes are 100% spam most of the time.

  8. No. They have no personality. Nicole was hilarious

  9. Their work days are literally never ending photo shoots. They don’t run these businesses day-to-day operations or work in them or on them at all. They hire people to do that. They just take photos and post it on social media.

  10. They take photos and pay someone else to post on social

  11. I was just thinking this. Rich lady vanity project. It’s odd!

  12. Lmao. Maybe she’ll peak as a morning talk show host, due to her family name and generational wealth. Girl, wrong messenger for this shit.

  13. I wonder if she gets exhausted trying to cater to the male gaze

  14. This looks like undergarments for costumes. Girl why

  15. Didn’t they just have Covid? Hope he’s ok!

  16. Reality stars selling their children to the masses 🤮

  17. Not a weird question! I use a ‘regular’ lotion on my arms and legs, retinol lotion on my chest, and moisturizing spray on my back. I rarely put anything on my stomach. How does that section of skin manage to stay soft and supple all the time?!

  18. What retinol lotion do you use? My chest is so different from my face and belly. And what back spray?

  19. Lotion is from Verse, called Firm Ground. Spray is by Flamingo. Both are at Target, and both recommended by people here! They’ve really made a difference for me, especially the lotion. I’m 34 but felt like my chest looked much older due to earlier sun damage and a lifetime of side/stomach sleeping. I’ve been using the lotion nightly for about 2 months now and am very happy. My wrinkles are much, much less noticeable now. And skin tone and texture are very much improved.

  20. Cool. Printing out CES letter to send to school with my kids 🥰

  21. Her nursery is cursed. I know different times but imma have nightmares

  22. I wish they’d host for poor kids, I know this gets more publicity. Seems like such a waste

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