1. Are you sure it isnt the screen protector?

  2. S23 here, both fingerprint and face id only work roughly 50 percent of the time at best. deleted the data and rescanned both about 7 times and still shitty. My SW is up to date.

  3. Mostly right. I think all the touristy stuff pushes it over the top. Not a single one of the other towns listed has 2 theme parks, an outlet mall the size of williamsburgs or near any beaches.

  4. Its because Williamsburg is better than all 3 and wouldn't even be fair to put on the list. This list is the battle for second place!

  5. William and Mary are hiring non-faculty positions for teaching/research/post-docs. Especially through their endowment funded institutes. The model in higher Ed is now based around hiring non-tenure positions that are much cheaper and they can capitalize on the over production of PhDs who are desperately looking for some kind of job with a university. But I often think we're the only 30 somethings in all of Williamsburg

  6. For a long time it was a thing that everybody in williamsburg is either 18 or 80. Ive noticed within the last 6 or 7 years though the 30-40 crowd growing. More so in the new town area than Williamsburg proper. Alot of those nice looking town houses in new town have alot of late 30s crowd living in them

  7. Hey! We'd be more than happy to assist you regarding this matter. We will send you a direct message and help you as soon as possible.

  8. We're really sorry about that! Our care team account is having some temporary issues, so I'll send you a DM now

  9. Thanks but i already switched providers. I really didnt have time to talk with a 5th support agent spinning my tires.

  10. I live in Blacksburg and my mom semi-recently moved to Roanoke. I'm still figuring things out myself, but this is what I've gathered so far.

  11. Good summary thanks. I got the feel blacksburg was more upper middle class too. Where does the money come from? I know VT is a huge school. Is it mostly high paying jobs linked to the school?

  12. By far my biggest driving peeve. If I ran a business, the interview process would just be the applicant driving me somewhere, and if they tailgated I wouldn’t hire them.

  13. Agree with all of this. exactly how i look at it

  14. Depends on total but unassign after 5 mins and let another driver take it. DD hides tips so I don't gamble with my time.

  15. So what would you tell the customer when you show up with only half of their order?

  16. Tbh I don't accept orders from stores that have made me wait more than 5 minutes in the past.

  17. I was licensed everywhere except New York because Assurance doesn't sell life in NY. Never did the Medicare side at Assurance but I do currently sell Medicare Advantage for a different company. I do final expense on the side. I'm going back to Assurance when my last GA releases my appointments with Lumico and Mutual of Omaha.

  18. Thanks. Yeah when you get a chance pleae do send me those states. Im guessing selling life is a little more straight forward than health/medicare? Any quick tips you could give me off of the top of your head?

  19. I usually made $200 a day working 4 hours or less. A lot of the leads suck, but at least they don't cost you anything. I had a 17% closing rate even with bad transfers.

  20. Thanks. How many states were you licensed in? Were you doing strictly life or also health/medicare

  21. Lots of glorification in this thread. Im in my 30s so a classic 90s kid. In reality it depends where and how you grew up. in the early 90s inner cities were setting records for violent crime rates. To grow up in a bad inner city area was hell for a lot of kids. Just like today but even worse

  22. Overall a hair above the national average but not that bad. Its a good sized town so it depends what part you are in. Most of it is fine. Most of the rougher parts are along interstate 664. So look at a map of the area and the further you are away from that part its generally better. Not entirely true but generally speaking. York country which is just north of hampton has lower crime rates and much better rated schools. Its more expensive though and has no public transport and barely any sidewalks.

  23. I live in Poquoson, and it's very clean and well-maintained with lots of trees, foliage, etc. and lovely, older homes being upkept and maintained. Decent mix of newer and older, houses, some brick, some not. Also most of York County. Some spots in Newport News and Hampton are genuinely lovely, but they're zoned for the same not-so-great schools as the not-so-nice parts.

  24. Ive driven through poquoson a few times and stopped at a few restaurants and yeah it was pretty peaceful and clean. I know theres good schools and mostly nice folks there.

  25. I really like the Hilton community in NN. They have beautiful homes and charming stores and restaurants/cafes. It’s worth a day trip to drive out, grab brunch at Indulge Bakery, dive into the shops and antique stores on the main strip, enjoy the short walk to the beach behind Hilton Elementary, then grab some pizza and wine or a lamb shank at Kismet. My home is in the North End/Huntington Heights just south of Hilton and I like that area for its walkability. It’s not pedestrian friendly in terms of stores and restaurants being right there but it’s definitely a place that I never felt unsafe walking, even in the evening. It’s beautiful if you want to walk through it and look at all the different home architecture styles. There are so many century homes there, that it’s been called Mahogany Row from all the old shipyard VPs building the big three story brick homes there.

  26. Agree with you. Ive driven throgh the hilton area and its pretty cool and unique. Has somne charm to it. One of the only places in NN i like. Ill have to try the lamb at the place you suggested.

  27. It's… a tourist town. We've got very little crime up here. Speed limits are generally 25mph in the city itself, although in the surrounding areas in James City County and York County it's usually reasonable.

  28. I rode around there all day today. youre spot on with everything. The prettiest town in Hampton roads by far in my opinion. Clean and the people seemed mostly nice. Lots of amenities for a relatively small town.

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