A Couple At Woodstock Only 48 Hours After They Met And The Same Couple 50 Years Later, Happily Still Together

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Best Friends, 1930s

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  • By - EZX0

  1. Judy and Jerry Griffin. First photo is a screenshot from a PBS documentary Woodstock: Three Days that Defined a Generation. They met on the way to the iconic music festival when Judy’s car broke down, and Jerry and his friends happened to see her hitchhiking and they have been together ever since. Second photo was taken in 2019 for People magazine. They had never seen the first photo before then.

  2. They threw them in pillowcases?!?! 🤣🤣

  3. That probably didn't happen. In the contemporary newspaper article the OP linked it does not mention pillow cases (or that they were "dwarfs.") For more information and sources see

  4. Yep, there used to be only one day every year when Black people were permitted to attend the Fair. I think by 1960 they integrated.

  5. I believe that photo is related to protests in 1955.

  6. Here is the Google Maps Street View from about the same perspective:

  7. Thanks for posting the link to more photos. There are some incredible advertising and signage in that collection. Some of my favs:

  8. That is the Bagdad Club on Bagdad Street in Grand Prairie, built in 1928 and burned in 1953 after having been open intermittently over the years due to a string of bankruptcies:

  9. Old school cool x 2 with that VW bug in the back

  10. The boy and the bug were probably about the same age. According to the caption at Getty Images the bug is a 72.

  11. From the LIFE pictorial in the April 4 1949 issue this photo was taken for:

  12. From the 2005 docudrama The Notorious Bettie Page. So less than 20 years ago and not really old school.

  13. I can't find the original source but the posted image appears to be a screenshot from a 1940s newsreel:

  14. I've seen this pic posted many times, and now it's OPs granpappy, Thats sus af. We got a karma farmer on our hands.

  15. Found a 1984 UPI interview of one of the men in the photo but the name in the article is not the same as the Getty Images caption in

  16. Just enough karma and history so they can post to subs that have minimum requirements for those and then the account can be sold to be used for spamming, scamming or astroturfing.

  17. More photos from the set taken by Loomis Dean for LIFE magazine:

  18. Stock photo from the Underwood Archives - Butte, Montana: c. 1930. A youngster, who likes to sit the way his daddy does, enjoys a joke with his best friend.

  19. Why is it backwards to allow equine transportation on public roads?

  20. The backwards part is that they are required to follow pedestrian rules while most states require them to follow motorists rules.

  21. You don't know the difference between a pedestrian and a motorist?

  22. I don't know. Yes it's a great picture. But I dought this was used in a commercial. Unless it was in a men's magazine. TV was pretty uptight about sexually suggestive stuff in the 50s.

  23. It wasn't. The photo was taken on the second and last day of Marilyn Monroe 's photoshoot with photographer Philippe Halsman in January 1952 at her apartment in the Beverly Carlton Hotel for the April 7, 1952 issue of Life Magazine.

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