1. These were a game changer for me. I was shocked how many Flys they caught.

  2. Whole thing and make chili with leftover cubes from the point in the next few days. Freeze any leftover chili.

  3. https://www2.ljworld.com/weblogs/town_talk/2023/may/30/whataburger-files-detailed-plans-for-its-new-location-along-23rd-street-car-wash-chain-to-take-place-of-old-on-the-border-restaurant/

  4. Some people render it on the stove or in the smoker and use it when wrapping for the stall. Never tried it but see it suggested often enough.

  5. Bruh, worst way to find out Sarpino's is gone. I loved their pizza.

  6. Dude, sorry, I posted about it when it happened and it bothers me every time I want pizza, baked spaghetti, or tiramisu. It was a huge loss.

  7. That’d be part of the problem. I wrap large beef cuts in peach butcher paper, tight, using cotton string after the bark is set and normally it’s still good.

  8. Maybe she was hungry for dinner? Ya’ll should talk openly and honestly about thing.

  9. They’ve nixed all of the acoustic music, damn them. So our ukulele group is gathering in South Park to play some music. 2:30 to 4:00 pm. Near the bandstand. Join us!!!

  10. Right? I wonder how much revenue he makes from this sort of content. Idk him, don’t want to, but when I find myself clicking on this sort of thing it makes me wonder.

  11. Somebody on nextdoor mentioned it being sold for apartments or something. I don’t know any more than it being a rumor.

  12. Yeah or the remaining strings are crusty? I tend to replace them all. Was the string broken when you left it in the case? If not, loosen your strings half a step or full step before leaving it in a case for a year. That’s crazy if it broke on its own in the case.

  13. I saw Cuisanart has one as well. They may be the same table just rebadged.

  14. Did you end up going with this table or another? I was also looking for the 7445 for my jumbo joe.

  15. I haven't had any luck finding one. I got a second 22" kettle & may take that camping.

  16. Live streams are separate from your subscription. They’re usually discounted a few bucks per show if you’re a subscriber. With your subscription you’ll be able to stream audio only a few days after the show once the tape is posted.

  17. Yeah. They also did a terrible job pointing out you could buy the whole tour at a mondo discount last week. I bought mine for $500 plus tax and now it’s $800 plus tax I think!

  18. Depends on the neighbors and given they asked here, I’m guessing they did or it’s not an option they wanted to pursue. If the pet owner is oblivious enough to let their dogs annoy the neighborhood day and night, they may not be the most reasonable to talk to. That’s why it’s nice to have a city official explain to them that it’s not fair to the dog or the neighbors and can escalate appropriately if it’s not taken care of.

  19. Good luck, the only piece of advice I have is to check the model and year for complaints / recalls that buyers may be dealing with. Carfax report of the dealer has one is great to look through. Some dealers have an off brand version that is not as detailed.

  20. There were two odd panhandlers at 6th and Kentucky today. They were just holding large signs with a lot of words, but didn’t really seem like they knew how to panhandle. The woman looked dressed up in a costume… weird. I’ve had some social workers tell me absolutely not to give money and I don’t want to encourage the behavior. I thought it was illegal, but honestly have no idea what our cities policies are any more.

  21. I only caught the word Refugee on the sign because green light but that might explain the clothing.

  22. We've worked with Scott Temp for our home and businesses for years. They've always been great to work with. Can't recommend them enough!

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