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October 25th - July 15th. My sweet Archie, gone too soon 💔

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  1. Whenever our guys tummys are upset we do boiled beef and rice! ☺️

  2. I feed our Boston Purina Pro Puppy shredded chicken, she likes it and the consistency of her poops are very good.

  3. oh my. getting it from the vet’s office 🤦🏻‍♀️ the worst of luck! this guy said there’s a large outbreak of it here in IL. he definitely has his bouts of energy running around in the backyard and whatnot. watching him go through this is confusing because everything is so inconsistent except for the watery stools.

  4. I'm in California and there's been a big outbreak of it here too. We didn't take our puppy out in public unless we carried her until she had all her vaccinations

  5. Can confirm. Bosco is 9 months and he's a Boston Terriorist. He will not sit still nor will he not stop asking you to play fetch or tug-of-war. It's exhausting!

  6. oh I wish you lived close, Zoey's the same age and acts the same, she's non stop until she collapses and falls asleep. We try to get her to lay on the sofa when we watch TV but instead she's trying to pull the cushions off the sofa /cry

  7. she's adorable, we though Zoey would be small too but at 9 months she weighs 23 pounds and when I pick her up she goes limp like a sack of potatoes and grins and I know she's laughing at me!

  8. I add a couple cups of water but I don't add chicken broth because that's what you will have when the chicken is done cooking

  9. I had a surgery specialty center say they only do it on dogs who they are also performing a gastropexy on. That was the same place that gave me the vibe they thought I was weird for asking. They also insinuated they wouldn’t have “equipment that small.” She is currently 30 pounds 🤦🏼‍♀️. I’m glad to hear of your experience. Confirms it’s worth it to find a place to do it for her! I’ve only had boy dogs up to now and neutering is such a simple surgery that I didn’t worry at all about. I truly hope this becomes the standard spay procedure soon!

  10. That's strange. Our regular vet doesn't do them but said it would be good for Miss "I'm crazy and very hyper" because of the shorter recovery time. I had a female boxer years ago who died of cancer and that's why I wanted this little brat to be spayed. It was just a very good experience, we were amazed at how quickly she recovered. Maybe google "laparoscopic spay (name of your city or county)"?

  11. Totally get it. I have a boy boxer mix. He is 11 and a total nut 🤣. That’s what I have done! I have a list of vets within a few 2 hours. Difficulty is some won’t give me quotes on the phone without a consult first. I get it but I also don’t want to drive and pay for a consult somewhere to be told their pricing is double or triple one of the other places! Just have to narrow down my options and decide on one!

  12. It's crazy that they won't give you a quote.

  13. Does anyone else get an aftertaste of soap from the masala simmer sauce? It’s so good going down, but miserable coming back up.

  14. You're not putting cilantro in it are you? I love cilantro but my husband swears that it tastes like soap

  15. I was told by the clerk in TJ's Sacramento store that it's being discontinued, we really like it, it's been a last resort dinner for years, i.e. everything else is frozen or sounds awful right now. I usually buy 4 jars at a time but I bought 8.

  16. Same here, I had no idea what was causing it but I encountered the same thing and ran around the house trying different chargers and different cables. I don't know what phone is better though, my husband has an Iphone 13 (or whatever the latest iteration is) and half the time it won't make calls. I had a pixel and the back warped within a few months and they made a big fuss about it claiming it was my fault.

  17. I have the Smith's, Safeway, Savemart, and Raley's apps installed and check out their weekly ad every Tuesday or so (Wednesday is the start of the new week's ad for most grocery stores).

  18. you might try downloading an app called "flipp", it compiles local stores ads and it's searchable. It's free and there are no annoying ads on it.

  19. I think it has more to do with Martin V Boise than it does with carrots. "August 2, 2022: Federal judge bars Sacramento from clearing homeless tent encampments on public property Read more at:"

  20. You are being dense. What if a homeless man opens up a subway franchise? There is clearly a limit to what they can do under the decision and our enforcement can and should do more within the confines of the current law

  21. OMG what I said was that the court said they could camp in public that has nothing to do with buying a franchise. If the court had stopped at allowing the homeless to sleep in public then they could be told to move during daylight hours. I am not supporting the decision, I'm simply stating what it is.

  22. the vet who messed up the procedure should pay for it. You might go ask this at one of two facebook groups with veterinarians who will respond to questions without any fee, "Pet Vet Corner" or "Ask A Vet"

  23. Boston farts are the worst. You gotta fart back at them to establish dominance. This is the only social structure they understand

  24. You could be the new fart whisperer with such excellent advice!

  25. That's too funny, Zoey does the same thing!

  26. I would be glad if that was Zoey's favorite game but it seems she has decided she wants to learn to fly so she leaps off of everything she can climb on to, the bed, the back of the sofa, you name it. She is unlike any dog I've ever had, that's for sure

  27. my husband swears they have some kind of alien DNA

  28. Seriously, I've got a 13 year old who went blind a year ago and not only has she not slowed down, she doesn't even seem to worry about crashing into things. Zero fear or hesitation. Just plows through everything. And she's only 17 pounds.

  29. Zoey is fearless. It's scary I'm almost afraid to leave her alone. About a month ago she jumped off the deck for no reason that we could see and landed wrong and sprained her leg. The deck isn't all that high but she got a running start and looked like she was trying to fly until she fell with one leg under her.

  30. If money is an issue, try the local SPCA or Animal Control for the spay, I think they charge $75 -$150 here (Sacramento County) An 8 month old Boston could die trying to give birth to a litter and would probably require a c-section.

  31. run as fast as you can. Aversive methods of training results in a dog who obeys out of fear, and that can have a very bad outcome for both you and the dog.

  32. I dunno but I love Boston's with floppy ears. My girl has very erect ears that move around like sonar and it's a little unnerving, they sort of twitch and when I see that I wonder what she hears that I don't.

  33. I rarely talk about this, but about 30 years ago I had a load of wet clothes in the dryer in the garage that I had forgotten to dry, so I turned the dryer on and went in the house. I heard a 'thudding sound' and asked my son if he put his sneakers in the dryer again and he said "nope, not me" Then it hit me - our cat had a litter of kittens and had been carrying them all over the house trying to find the perfect spot for them. I ran to the garage and there were 4 kittens in it, two were ok and jumped out and ran to mom, the other two had blood coming out of their eyes and nose and couldn't stand up. I thought I would faint. I threw them in the car and took them to the vet but it was too late, the vet said that at best with IV's and supportive care they could live a few weeks. I don't have cats and haven't since then but I never turn a dryer on without opening the door and looking inside, my heart still breaks for those poor kitties.

  34. I knew nothing about that until the vet examined Zoey for the first time, she said "oh you got a good one, no problems with the palate, nostrils are large enough and she will have little if any underbite". Which is great news but before too long we are going to get a second Boston and how will I be able to know what to look for in a puppy?

  35. We opted for a laparoscopic spay for our 7 month Zoey and I'm glad we did. She's so crazy and hyper that I couldn't imagine trying to keep her quiet for two weeks. The vet discharged her with Acepromazine which did absolutely nothing to calm her down so she changed it to Trazodone which wasn't much better, the good news is she was healed up within 5 days I don't think I could have lived through 2 weeks of recovery.

  36. This is set up through the rescue I adopted him from so I'm not sure how it's actually done. He's a pit mix and easily gets up on the couch, chair, down of the bed, up and down the stairs, etc. I may have to restrain him... lol.

  37. If it's laparoscopic there are 2 tiny incisions, if it's a regular surgical spay there is one incision usually 2 to 4 inches long

  38. Quit blade tenderizing your beef. For what you charge it should be tender without blade tenderizing and I cook my meat to 130 degrees, not 145 which is what's required to make it safe.

  39. Costco needs to get a grip on the quality if their produce. I get that the pandemic and supply issues affected them and other retailers. But, in the past, I could count on artisan romaine, tomatoes and garlic. Now, not so much. I used to always buy the jumbo garlic and split it with my daughter. It used to last me for months, but now it goes bad almost immediately. Like moldy and gross bad. I’m currently working on a small batch of garlic cloves that I bought from Kroger two months ago and they are still good. I pull them out during meal prep and they aren’t black and squishy.

  40. No kidding! I buy produce at 99 cent only store, it's fresher, in better condition and about 1/3 the price

  41. When we bring Zoey her food, she won't eat it until you put some on a spoon and bring it to her, she eats it and then proceeds to her bowl and eats the rest of the food like she's starving to death.

  42. Please don't blame yourself, you did the right thing. Our BT pup is 7 months. Last week she did one of her magnificent running jumps off of our deck. I guess she tries to see how far she can go airborne because this has been her thing for the past few months. Well she landed badly and couldn't put any weight on her rear leg, I called the vet and she said it might be serious to bring her right in. The vet put her through a full range of motion and x-rayed her and said fortunately all she did was push the patella over a bit but the ligaments were tight enough that it went back into position. Had it required surgery I would have approved it even with the possibility of death because I can forgive myself for that but I would never be able to forgive myself for not treating an orthopedic injury that would likely impact her life every day for the rest of her life. And I know how you hurt, we are still grieving the loss of one of our old dogs who died in December of cancer. My advice - get another puppy, they will be lucky to have you.

  43. He definitely needed the surgery, he was in pain every day. He couldn’t be himself. I’m angry that the surgery went perfect and it was the recovery that he couldn’t make it through. There’s no reason his heart stopped. There’s no reason his life got ripped away from him. I didn’t even anticipate this, I was in no way prepared. The only anxiety I had was that they’d do the wrong knee, which is laughable now looking back.

  44. They are amazing dogs, aren't they? My husband has advanced kidney failure and has been very depressed, after we got Zoey his whole demeanor changed, he dotes on this little girl and while I don't have any hard evidence, I think his health has improved a bit too. My guess is that Archie will return to you in a different body, just be open to that and you will know it's him

  45. I'm not sure what you can do about your neighbors but Amazon did deliver it to the wrong address so they are obligated to send a replacement to the correct address.

  46. In my experience Amazon never sends replacements. For me they’ve always just issued refunds (which take several days to show up in my bank account) and if I want another shot at the items I didn’t receive I have to just place a new order, sometimes at a higher price.

  47. You are probably right. I only had something delivered to the wrong address once, it was a Christmas gift for my son & Amazon gave me the option of sending another one or giving me a refund.

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