1. But it was mild death tho. So it's not that bad.

  2. This is common knowledge. And this so called 'mild' myocarditis is another bs term they recently came up with.

  3. Normally I don't care about news reporters but I came across a video of her talking about her new heart conditions and I thought... How fucking stupid are you? you stupid bitch. She is beyond dumb. Dumb people like her working on public platforms really makes me angry. If she's that dumb she has no business broadcasting news to the public. I know they're just a bunch of soulless NPC's reading off a prompter but still they shouldn't be that dumb.

  4. So instead of making 80 billion they're only gonna make around 50 billion. Somebody quick! Get the tissue box. This is truly sad news.

  5. I think itโ€™s funny most of these guy were the ones who didnโ€™t trust the government in the past. Itโ€™s amazing how easily brainwashed they are.

  6. Remember when "Big pharma baaaaaaaad" was their political slogan among far left politicians like Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth "Pocahontas" Warren, Alexandria Occasional Cortex? But all of a sudden they trust Pfizer and Moderna 100%. What happened??

  7. Maybe it's soy overdose.... well the last pic shows he's pregnant. Maybe that's why he's been feeling a little off. Congrats on the baby! BTW Who's the baby daddy?

  8. Well yes because we need to reduce the carbon footprint humanity is responsible for because climate change

  9. In the 20th century they needed more peasants for physical labor. But now that automation and AI tech will be taking over in the very hear future, the billions of peasants are a burden now. It makes perfect sense why they would want to get rid of the peasants. World War is not an option because after every major war there is an explosion of human population. They needed a way to slowly but surely decrease the global population; not too fast but not too slow either. Whoever engineered this plandemic and came up with these 'vaccines' are truly genius. Evil but genius. And I think the whole carbon footprint nonsense is just an excuse. I mean... the billions of peasants do take up more space and resources but it's nowhere near as doom and gloom as they try to make us believe.

  10. โ€œWell, more people than normal are dying in other countries too, so everything is fine. Now sit down, shut up, and stop asking questions.โ€

  11. That's a condensed title. What they mean is that people who got myocarditis form the shots have 50% death rate within 5 years, not everyone who got vaxxed.

  12. Now here's the good news. It will be 'mild' death. So it won't be as bad as regular death.

  13. Why are sheeples surprised when they get injured from this experimental drug?

  14. Just keep pointing to random areas and telling him that he missed a spot.

  15. After I take a dump I point to my anus and tell him. "You missed a spot!"

  16. All vaccinated will come to regret their decision.

  17. Most of them already regret their decision. They just won't admit it because they feel dumb. The sharp decline in the rate of vaccination for every new booster is the evidence.

  18. Kill Gates has been talking about the overpopulation problem and vaccine technology as the remedy for that problem for many many years now. So it's working as intended. That's the Speed of Science for ya!

  19. OMG that must be so tough to deal with! I don't have anyone in my life with small children that they have vaccinated but if I did this would be a really really difficult thing to deal with. Even when I hear about people doing it it upsets me, to think of how they're gambling with their children's lives. It's absolutely unconscionable to me, you're supposed to be protecting your children these people are legitimately under some crazy spell. It really does make sense too that this is a depopulation agenda. I've thought many times over the last few years but a lot of times I'll try to talk myself out of believing it. I'm at a point now though where I do believe it, it's really the only thing that makes sense when you look at their behavior.

  20. And what's more crazy is that my sister's husband is a doctor. And the nephews are between the ages of 5~8. Absolute idiots. A doctor and a pharmacist choosing to put brand new mRNA gene therapy 'vaccine' into their children. Beyond dumb.

  21. Wow! This really doesn't surprise me at all though, I work in healthcare and I would say 95% of the people I know ran to get the shots no questions asked! And these were people I had previously respected. Some of them have achieved a lot in their careers and I always saw them as intelligent and rational. This completely shattered how I see them. I honestly think that a lot of these people in professions like this got there because they are rule followers. They're not necessarily smart and they're not independent thinkers. The reason they got to where they are is because they did what they were told, they passed all their tests they ascended to the point where they're at now. You don't get to that point without being a rule follower. I think they've learned that they had to keep the status quo to get where they got in life. I have not achieved anywhere near as much as one of my friends who's pretty high up at my agency he probably makes at least three times what I make and he's got a million certifications after his name. He also is loaded with so many boosters at this point and I wouldn't trade places with him for all the money in the world. I now see most Dr's as idiots. It's rare to find a really good independant one.

  22. Yes that's so true. Universities and colleges are designed that way. Also my sister's husband is a radiologist so he doesn't get to meet many patients face to face so he probably didn't get the chance to meet all the possible vax injured victims. He had to get vaxxed because he is so eager to become a prof one day therefore he needs to keep his job at the big hospital. I don't even know why my sister got it to begin with because she hasn't worked in almost a decade. And here's the kicker. They got the kids vaxxed because they wanted to visit Canada. Yes you read that right. Absolute insanity. The reason she gave me was because NY was gonna start vax mandates for kids over 5 anyways. Which I don't buy for a second.

  23. The speed of science back in working order!

  24. I like the fact that he bought twitter and he's "allegedly" going to expose all the dirty psyops regarding the jab, but I don't trust this guy either. There is something fishy about him. I don't buy that he took the jabs.

  25. Bruh... as a puppet for the elites you were supposed to just advertise the death shot, not take em yourself.

  26. In the year 2023 China=Australia=Canada

  27. Wow after 2 whole years.... better late than never but still.... it's late af.

  28. And that's how we know there's truthful information in that episode. Thanks Youtube!

  29. WHy do they always have that exact same body type?

  30. Soy milk and soy latte for the win! Yas kween!

  31. But what about all the people who CHOSE to leave their job reluctantly because of this totalitarian mandate? Were they just idiots? At the end of the day if they were an adult and had a choice it's 100% their fault whether coerced or not. We need to bring back the culture of personal responsibility. This new age coddling culture of "awe... it's totally not your fault! poor you!" bs needs to end and end fast.

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