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  1. When I first started delivering early 2020 the minimum base pay was $3.50 in my area. It slowly went down in 2021 until now where it’s $2. Interestingly their revenue went up by 50% in 2021 so the real question they’re asking is how low can they pay to make the most money and still have drivers to do their work.

  2. You have to catch him at restock because they are usually sold out within minutes. Sometimes you can get lucky and find a vss with >90 durability on the flea for 60-90K

  3. First wipe guy here. In the past have the wipes come with no warning, just goofy events start to happen and then suddenly there is a wipe? I keep seeing all these predictions and wondering if there is any validity to them or if this is based off the overwhelming streamer click-bait speculation I'm suddenly getting flooded with.

  4. Second wipe guy here. I wouldn’t worry about it too much or listen to many people on it. When it wiped in 12.11 there was a new event every single day for like 7-10 days. I remember cultists spawning more on factory bosses switching places on maps and the best one was all bosses spawning on interchange 100% chance. It was pure chaos but also the most fun I’ve had on Tarkov. Im just waiting for a new event everyday that gets crazier and crazier every day that’s probably the wipe coming. In my opinion this is leading up to lighthouse expansion with no wipe but maybe one shortly after.

  5. Mosin needs more love. Got me good at pvp.

  6. What attachments did you use on it if any?

  7. Horribly impractical but a lever action rifle

  8. I hope they fix the damage soon this is just ridiculous.

  9. I thought I had been getting tip baited all night holy shit

  10. Call your bank (when they're open) to see if they are denying it due to shady seller etc etc

  11. I second PayPal. My credit union blocked Xsolla too and when I switched to PayPal there was no issues

  12. Yeah ive noticed 10-15 fps drops in certain places on woods and reserve that ive noticed. Im no programmer so I have literally no idea what im talking about, but im assuming the updated engine is more demanding than the previous version, but they haven't put anymore optimization in as of yet. I'm hoping DLSS comes soon because that will help with the FPS drops

  13. You should try Hunt: Showdown. It’s basically diet Tarkov set in the late 1800’s. I’m like you and have been absolutely addicted to Tarkov since switching to PC but Hunt is a nice change of pace/environment with the same basic concept and it’s also a game where tactics and strategy matters more than how fast you can flick and slide cancel.

  14. Man of my word! I'll randomly pick three winners by the end of the week

  15. They don’t change the batteries in the smoke detector, they just let it keep beeping all day and night.

  16. No that's not it im sure its a game similar to that though. The game im thinking of is older im sure thank you though

  17. I called thank you to everyone who replied. Ive never had to call CPS and really didn't know what they did until tonight but I think it was the right move to call.

  18. In my elementary school we had a “karate” themed day when I was in 3rd grade. We got our own karate outfits that we could decorate and belts we could color whatever color we wanted. It was a really fun idea for the kids especially when we got to go to recess wearing the outfits... except for when another kid and I got in trouble for fighting even though we weren’t fighting. We were play fighting you know, because of karate day? We got suspended a week for fighting when all we were doing was play fighting. We never even hit each other but a kid in my class went and told a teacher we were fighting so without her even assessing the situation we just immediately got in trouble and sent to the principals office. Even though we told the principal we were play fighting and never hit each other we still got the suspension. So I guess the rule would be no play fighting in karate outfits on karate day.

  19. As someone who’s very pro-gun, but also thinks fuck the NRA, I’m so proud of these comments.

  20. It was the same at Taco Mac for me tonight. I tried to walk in and the greeter at the door stopped me and said “Woah buddy did they call your name?” I said “No I’m with Uber Eats.” He said “Well you’re not special that’s the Uber and DoorDash line there you have to wait.” I said “No I’m not special I’m just smarter than that and I’m not waiting for that.” And just left lol

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