1. Can anyone explain to me how CC Goku and Xeno Goku can win both powerful jojo characters?

  2. As far as I know they indicated he has infinite potential, meaning there is no limit to his growth and he can just keeps on becoming stronger as longer he lives or as longer the franchise continues! It does not mean he literally has infinite physical stats by default!

  3. By Greek mythology the older they are yes it makes them stronger it’s not just game logic

  4. It seems you didn't get my logic, the way it works is kind of like this, suppose Kratos Strength points is 50, than after living for 2 yrs his strength points becomes 60, then again 2 yrs later his strength points becomes 70 and the cycle just keeps going on as he lives that is exactly what is up with him! Infinite potential not infinite stats! But some fans misunderstands it and think of it as Kratos all Physical stats being 9999999... It is just ridiculous!

  5. Infinite potential yes but infinite stats now no. But me myself I would rank him low multiversal with the gods powers and feats

  6. They both trip over while running at each other and break their necks.

  7. What in the name of Djungelskog, Vinterskog, Trakolskog and all other dieties in heaven is this spite match. TF did novel Kars do to you

  8. Cuz Kars is one of the strongest Characters and I want to see if the matches I make can at least stand of chance Jesus Christ

  9. Comics Dr Manhattan holds jjba verse like an atom and squishes it

  10. Massive mismatch, unless you are talking specifically about live action Dr Manhattan, he completely destroys Novel Kars.

  11. Could you explain how? And yes live action. Sorry I didn’t mention that.

  12. I think(I’m not sure) you jus need to remove the front panel and once you see the fan just remove the 4 screws and unplug the fan from the motherboard and remove the fan.

  13. I would not recommend lowering your fans because your components will get hot and shut off your pc but if you go to omen hub and click on your pc button on the left then you should see performance control we’re you can see your fan settings. I would only recommend quiet only doing basic tasks not for gaming.

  14. The omen motherboard is a micro ATX so just make sure the case has a spot for micro ATX motherboards

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