1. Great drive for Norris, Perez has fallen off a bit, not sure what happened with LeClerc

  2. End of the day I adore wout, nowhere near the level we need but ran his heart out most games felt like a fan on the pitch I wish him luck in his next move.

  3. For the all the slack he gets, he's the only attacker who actually tries to put pressure on the defensive line and the opp. GK. Otherwise none do. If only others would follow suite.

  4. I agree with this, Weghorst is a talented player but he needs the right setup and the rest of the squad was not the setup for him

  5. pitching is bad for you in general. throwing 93 vs 97 doesn't really make that big of a difference. you're gonna get hurt throwing baseballs, that's the name of the game.

  6. They’re not lol. They’re just in the shoulder rather than the elbow like American pitchers for a multitude of reasons

  7. Glad Ireland hung around for a bit, this was a good warm up for England although Bairstow never got a bat. Nice to see Tongue get the 5'er after he was a strange inclusion.

  8. You’re omitting the fact that we spent 60m on Ndombele and Richarlison each and 55m on Lo Celso. 2/3 are likely to never play for us again and the other doesn’t seem to know the offside rule. I don’t see a world where we can rely on Richarlison as our main attacking threat so a lot of that money would be used to find another striker and not on the other positions we desperately need to upgrade. His highest single season PL goal tally was what like 13 goals? Our recruiting department has been shit for ages. The ones you listed are the 3 best signings we’ve done in a long time.

  9. the misuse of Richarlison's talent was a disgrace, he's very good but he has to be given the ball and a chance to create

  10. A big factor could be that Bellingham would also be with him in Madrid.

  11. even as a Barcelona supporter I see what a big deal this would be and how the fans would embrace Kane. With the moves Real is making they would be back in contention for the CL and back competing with City.

  12. I never thought about how people in upside down land watch these matches live. Is there a NZ league you can follow?

  13. The A League (which has a NZ team) had a brief moment of glory after the world cup glow from Australia's run but it was promptly ruined by fan violence. A League is well behind Japan, Saudi, even Qatari league at this point.

  14. Man City under Pep are just unstoppable, they haven't been figured out

  15. But even looking objectively, they're fairly well run. Nearly always finish Top Half, often finish in the European places, sometimes cracking Top 4. What are Spurs supposed to be? They're not Arsenal, who built a dynasty in the 90s and went through their own wilderness. They're not Chelsea and their moneybags. They're not Hollywood FC like United, they're not "Big Historic Club" like Liverpool. They just kind of exist. They haven't won a league title since 1961 and they've picked up a few cups since. They're only "big" because of geography and they've avoided relegation. They're basically London Everton.

  16. Given the stadium and the money involved, and frankly the squad list lowering expectations doesn't make sense

  17. Lack of ambition, after Poch there was no clear vision (shouldn't have been fired anyway), Signings have not been integrated well into the squad and ultimately depending on Kane isn't going to get you trophies or win the league especially when the defence is porous.

  18. Seeing Ireland taking this kind of hammering just makes me sad that they weren't given Test status while their previous generation were at their peak and that they weren't given the resources to build a decent red ball structure. The chance was there for them to turn into a solid team across all three formats, but it's gone begging.

  19. the policy isn't just wrong, it weakens the county game immensely

  20. Wish Bairstow had gotten a bat and don't understand why he didn't come in for 20 some overs, Duckett and Pope's stats were incredible. I feel for Ireland and hope they bat for a bit tomorrow and this isn't over too quickly.

  21. not short but I wish I just held my calls for a while instead of day trading them

  22. Really good sweep, this team is so different when we get quality starts

  23. I don't understand why Marseille can't come up with a consistent project, club has been lost since drogba left really

  24. He's not leaving, the deal is working for both sides, he's getting rich and the Saudi league has never been more relevant and popular

  25. This is just terrible, Roma should face penalties and Taylor should have thrown hands at these idiot fans

  26. so glad test cricket is back on, Broad remains fantastic, Crawley remains a nervy mess, Duckett looked solid. Ireland just needs more test matches and experience to get up to this level.

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