1. Curry is clearly a better player than Harden overall, but he's not a better point guard. His playmaking most of the time functions differently than that of a proper point guard.

  2. He’s obviously talking about what position they are listed as not what your subjective view of a point guard is. Is Steven Adams a better center than Jokic because he’s a better rebounder and defender?

  3. I don't see how he's obviously talking about how they are listed. In any case, both PGs and SG are listed as Guards in the official NBA site.

  4. What reason would they not be available lol. You think the Nets would rather rebuild with a bunch of role players who will leave once their contract up is or first round picks?

  5. I don't know why they wouldn't be available. Some might be, some might not be, I don't work for the Nets so I won't pretend they know what they're thinking, but I don't see why they'd like to instantly get rid of all their good players and they've said no such thing either, as far as I'm concerned. But reddit GMs might know better.

  6. Without being the biggest homer ever why would we jeopardise a team that at this point is clearly SGAs.

  7. I respect it if they want to do it organically, but the fact that KD was probably a bad bet for OKC doesn't mean that every single player that's equally good or better than SGA is also a bad bet.

  8. I hope the Nuggets and the Grizzlies make the conference finals. I like the Pels and the Kings more than the Grizzlies but I don't think they can do it, so Denver VS Memphis.

  9. And that's probably gonna be the only response by a player which addresses the comic failure of KD and Kyrie. Props to Lopez.

  10. Hopefully Cuban will let Kyrie run the franchise, unlike Tsai.

  11. Yup. Those accolades on their own make up a fantastic career to be proud of. That all of those accolades came in a 4 year period and then fall off an absolute cliff afterwards I think it’s very hard to say he’s not a bust. I think the main thing that makes a bust is unrealized potential and Simmons has lots of unrealized potential.

  12. How do you measure unrealized potential in any meaningful way?

  13. It’s subjective…. I think his list of accolades vs the last two years show that pretty well. Before you say well he had injuries/mental health problems those still play into unrealized potential. Whatever the reasons his game has fallen off so badly, his game has fallen off a ton.

  14. I'm not denying that his game has fallen off a ton. I'm just not sure that the potential talk makes much sense. In its heart that's a philosophical discussion. I'm not even sure that subjective is the right word. I mean there are aspects of it that aren't really subjective, e.g. physical characteristics. I'd rather think that "potential" is extremely uninformative cause at any given time we really don't know how much of it is there. I'm sure noone was expecting Giannis or Jokic to be in contention of the best player alive. But since they are, by definition the potential was there, even if no one could see it. On the reverse, it is entirely possible that the potential of "busts" wasn't there to begin with, even if many thought otherwise. In the case of Simmons, whether the difference between his best and his worst is such that warrants him the characterization, is debatable. I can entertain arguments for and against.

  15. Yeah, God forbid that something not stupid is heard on live basketball TV. Not to say that this wasn't stupid though.

  16. He fudged it up then quickly corrected himself at the end.

  17. Good catch, I hadn't heard this, glad you brought it up and glad he actually knew what that phrase was supposed to mean!

  18. Holy shit. Are those guys psychopaths? If something happens to you I will joke about it if we can laugh about it together. I don't think any victim found it funny at all.

  19. Somebody explained it as a "style" from the 60s of french writing to be "unapologetic". Its truly fucked that the french sees the thing they do as high culture when its actually just uncivilized and barbaric

  20. Charlie Hebdo aren't "the French". Also, I'm not sure what this has to do with 60s writing or with being "unapologetic".

  21. Το τι εννοεί καθένας με τους όρους emocore/screamo και underrated/underground είναι λίγο... απροσδιόριστο. Σε κάθε περίπτωση:

  22. Earthquakes are natural phenomena, buildings which can't sustain earthquakes of a certain magnitude are political choices. "Natural disasters" most of the time are the result of human choices.

  23. That certainly exasperated the damage but a earthquake of this magnitude is disastrous no matter how you prepare for it.

  24. I'm pretty sure that the technology which can sustain such magnitude exists; what doesn't exist is the politicoeconomic system and will which will prioritize human lives over profit.

  25. Talking about availability and you didn't mention Middleton or Jrue. Pat was out for a while and now Bobby is will some time. Yet the Bucks still are up there.

  26. Neither Middleton nor Jrue is as good as Embiid or Harden; nor are they as injury prone as Embiid.

  27. And he missed many games last season too. And he's still more reliable than Embiid.

  28. Το κάνουν όπως σου ειπαν παραπάνω γιατί όντως υπάρχουν κάποιοι που δυσκολεύονται με αυτά αλλά κυρίως για να σε δεσμεύσουν στο ΚΕΚ τους. Εσυ κάνοντας την αίτηση μπορεί να αλλάξεις γνώμη, να σε πάρουν από άλλο ΚΕΚ και να σε μεταπείσουν ποιος ξέρει; Έτσι έχουν το πελατακι σίγουρο.

  29. Δεν είναι απαραίτητο. Στο ζητάνε για να κάνουν αυτοί την αίτηση αντί για σένα επειδή πολύς κόσμος δεν ξέρει ή φοβάται ή whatever. Όπως κάνει και ο λογιστής δηλαδή αλλά για πολύ απλούστερη διαδικασία. Όσο για την εξουσιοδότηση δεν το ήξερα ότι έχει επεκταθεί και σε αυτά αλλά από την εμπειρία μου σε support, άντε να εξηγήσεις στον άλλον πως θα την κάνει. Τα κάνουν οι ίδιοι και ξεμπερδεύουν και δείχνουν και καλό πρόσωπο στον πελάτη.

  30. Μάλιστα, ευχαριστώ. Εμένα μου κάνει κακή εντύπωση να μη σου εξηγήσουν και τις δύο επιλογές αλλά υποθέτω για πολύ κόσμο ισχύει αυτό που λες.

  31. Yeah, it was his fault for passing it, but also why the fuck isnt everyone running to get the ball

  32. It was his fault for turning it over. Passing it was the right play.

  33. Mitsotakis, Papandreou, Karamanlis, Mavrokordatos, Trikoupis, Tsaldaris, Metaxas, Koryzis, Venizelos, Voulgaris, Kanellopoulos, Gounaris, Rallis, Diligiannis, Mavromixalis, Zaimis...

  34. Maybe because when you think of "family", unconsciously you expect first degree relatives, but this kind of power structure was more common during empires and kingdoms. In nation-states it is as common for power structures to perpetuate when powerful families join forces with other powerful families (or "lend" their power to less powerful relatives through nepotism). It's a common practice. Not all of the PM I referred to are connected to all the others. These are not all one family, but every single one of them is connected to (an)other familie(s), a member (at least) of which became PM.

  35. Gotta make the most out of the time you get on this earth court.

  36. αν φας 1500 θερμίδες πατατάκια θα λιμοκτονείς σε 1 ώρα για το υπόλοιπο της ημέρας, ενώ αν τις φας σε μπρόκολο και στήθος κοτόπουλο θα σκάσεις, συμφωνώ

  37. Ωραία είναι τα τσιτάτα "calorie is a calorie is a calorie", "it's just thermodynamics bro" κλπ, αλλά τέτοιοι αφορισμοί δεν βοηθούν στην κατανόηση του τι είναι ένα κίλο και πώς χάνεται. Ακόμη περισσότερο δεν βοηθάει στο να χαθεί ένα κιλό.

  38. Δεν καταλαβαίνω πού ακριβώς διαφωνείς (και γιατί τέτοιο μένος).

  39. Στο πρώτο σου μήνυμα γράφεις "είναι το μοναδικό που μετράει", "μην ακούς τίποτα πολυπλοκότερο του calories in < calories out" "οι θερμίδες είναι όλη η αλήθεια" και λοιπά. Απάντησα ότι κι άλλα πράγματα μετράνε και εξήγησα γιατί μετράνε κι άλλα πράγματα. Το έκανα λίγο πολύπλοκοτερο. Θεωρητικά συμφώνησες μαζί μου, αλλά αν συμφωνείς μαζί μου, λογικά δεν θα έπρεπε να συμφωνείς με αυτά που γράφεις στο πρώτο σου μήνυμα.

  40. I heard it was a thing due to the massive cocaine problem players used to have. Some all star players would get addicted then take half the season out to recover, and when they came back and played great they got the award. Then they stopped it cause they realized all the award recipients were addicts lol

  41. Aren't they always releasing the pro version first for global markets as well? Based on what I see for China there is only X40 out for now (Edge 40 pro), and it appears to have better hardware than edge 30 ultra.

  42. I think for the 30 series the chinese version (X30 pro) was released before the global version (egde 30 ultra). As far as the 40 series are concerned, I think that only the X40 has been released so far, no edge ultra or pro version yet.

  43. X40 is Edge 40 pro. Based on what you said.

  44. The reason Jokic isnt mvp is because he is not even going full speed. For all his crazy statlines, he’s saving his strength for playoffs. Dude is out there casually showing how good his overall game is when you put a decent squad around him.

  45. Or maybe he leaves room to his teammates in order to grow, instead of scoring 4 points more per game but having a worse team.

  46. Well, one of the main ways his teammates have to grow is by getting better at playing next to Jokic, building (back) their chemistry with him, anticipating his passing, moving more efficiently etc. That requires Jokic performing at a high level too.

  47. I am not sure if this is a 31 year old trolling us or a genuine bay area nephew.

  48. Obvious trolls aren't obvious in this day and age it seems.

  49. I mean a complete offensive package and motor.

  50. But that's one of their main differences. Harden and Doncic at no point have demonstrated anything close to a complete offensive package. They dominate the ball. Jokic doesn't have to do that to be effective.

  51. They are ALL complete offensive packages. Just in different ways and different emphasis.

  52. I don't think I overthink it. First of all, I don't think anyone's got a complete package per se. Jokic is etremely versatile, both in general and compared to Doncic/Harden who are limited in that they can't/don't want to play off the ball.

  53. Δεν τα ήξερα τα Svalbard, τώρα τα είδα. Κάτι στα σύνορα Σουηδίας-Νορβηγίας εννοούσα, αλλά θα μπορούσε.

  54. Ρητορική ήταν η ερώτηση. Το υποθετικό σενάριο που προσπάθησες να χρησιμοποιήσεις για να πεις ότι μια χώρα σαν τη Νορβηγία δεν θα ανεχόταν κάτι τέτοιο, υπάρχει και είναι χειρότερο από αυτό που προσπάθησες να πεις, όπως και από το γκρίζο καθεστώς των Ιμίων. Χειρότερο από την άποψη ότι ενώ το αρχιπέλαγος είναι Νορβηγικό, σαφώς δεν μπορεί να το διαχειριστεί όπως διαχειρίζονται τα κράτη τον χώρο που τους ανήκει.

  55. Κάθισα και διάβασα τί συνέβη και τί συμβαίνει εκεί και δεν έχει καμία σχέση με τα Ίμια. Ό,τι θέλει λέει ο καθένας εδώ μέσα.

  56. Θα σε βοηθήσω. Το κοινό είναι πως πρόκειται για περιοχές στις οποίες τα κράτη, υπό την κυριαρχία των οποίων βρίσκονται αυτές οι περιοχές, δεν μπορούν να ασκήσουν πλήρη κυριαρχία. Η Νορβηγία θυσίασε οικονομικά οφέλη αποδεχόμενη αυτή τη λύση στο μοίρασμα. Για βραχονησίδες όπως τα Ήμια δεν θα νοιαζόταν κανείς αν δεν υπήρχαν από πίσω μεγαλύτερα θαλάσσια οικονομικά συμφέροντα. Όπως αυτά που εν μέρει θυσίασε η Νορβηγία. Η Ελλάδα ακόμη δεν έχει φτάσει μέχρι εκεί (μέχρι το μοίρασμα), γιατί ελπίζει ότι κάποια στιγμή θα της μείνει όλο τα μαρούλι και όχι μόνο ένα μέρος του.

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