1. I think all of them will surprise, delight and disappoint in equal measure.

  2. Guess they are holding their cards close because (i) apparently a lot of post-prod is still to be done and a June release will be touch and go; and (ii) because the mystery is only helping.

  3. Ranbir has a pretty bad project sense. Most of his films have terrible flaws and are only saved by his acting. Going forward he should let Alia choose the films he takes up.

  4. Srk fans toh mostly sweet hai bechare nadaan paraindey hai, Srk ek tweet karde ya srk kisi ko hug karde toh khush hojate hai, inkko include mat karna ban mein.

  5. You prayed she should not act in movies I think. What you put in the universe...........

  6. For years he’s alone, surrounded by termites and is slowly destroying his “legacy”. He’ll die alone on his farmhouse and at the same time his “well wishers” will be on a yacht somewhere.

  7. Everything I’ve read about him makes me believe it. He seemed to be a people pleaser - yaaron ka yaar. The Neena Gupta episode is prime example. I guess he was one of those who was just happy working with friends and didn’t lead a lavish lifestyle so didn’t need money all that much. I’m sure he wasn’t doing all films for free - but a small role here and there with a friend for free seems like something he’d do.

  8. Zero had a re-edited version on Netflix. It was different from what I saw FDFS in the US.

  9. Wow. Haven't seen the movie. Any major differences?. Didnit change the narrative for better or worse?.

  10. It starts with Anushka giving an intro instead of directly starting with the cowboy scene. She reveals the elements of mars, monkey etc. I liked this intro better and also made both tha halves of the movie fit sllightly better - instead of feeling like two movies.

  11. Feels like when Rajkumar and Bhumi face each other they bring out the best performances.

  12. Jammy and Himesh have given review hints and seem to be very positive. I'm cautiously optimistic now, RK and the audience deserve a fun film to be hit. 🤞🏻

  13. Took time but I think she’s finally done it. This looks good and more importantly this is the Priyanka we were missing since the better part of a decade.

  14. I'm not sure how one can discuss this movie when it is purely political. OP please ask mods once.

  15. Literally Akshay lite. Both followed up disasters with announcement of a sequel of their most successful film without any idea of a script.

  16. The franchise has run its course. Like the Terminator franchise in Hollywood.

  17. 6 years for the 2nd, 17 years for the 3rd, by that rate the 4th will star the grandchildren of Paresh and Sunil along with Akshay Kumar playing Raju of course.

  18. SRKians want this film to flop so that Pathan can earn a few extra crores. Jaisa Shahrukh waisa uska fans. Smh

  19. Sahi bole bhai. Yeh Karthik aur Rohit Dhawan dono kamine SRKians hai. Pathaan ko jitane ke chakkar mein jaanbooj kar tatti movie banake bechaare Bhushan ko phasa diya. Pura set mila hua hai, 100 Rs. mein sab Pathaan dekh rahe hain.

  20. Underneath it all she does seem to be a sweet person who values her fans. So does Ranveer for that matter. They both seem to deal with mental stress in different ways I think - she goes reserved and he goes OTT.

  21. I like how after the first line you just gave up on punctuation entirely. Also NTA.

  22. Bas inka confidence mil jaye life mein bhagwaan, talent nahi, bas confidence dedo.

  23. Still feels like a teaser promotion for the next Dharma Production. Especially the last pic!

  24. what an odd, stupid comment to make under someone’s wedding pictures man.

  25. Dude I’m truly not being bitchy, it actually feels unreal. Came out of nowhere! (for me) I’m happy for them.

  26. TJMM will probably do well. The pairing is fresh and the director is at the top of his game. Movie is mostly looking average but if it entertains then it will be a hit.

  27. Actors don’t have to be naked all the time. Both can be fully clothed it’s a Top Gun-ish movie not Baywatch. We put too much emphasis on physiques. It’s Prabhas’ dialogue delivery that I’m worried about.

  28. First of all stop comparing people to Hrithik Roshan it’s bloody unfair. Second, he doesn’t look bad in leaked pictures of Salaar. You have to understand the Bahubali regime fucked with Prabhas and Rana. They took years to recover.

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