1. I know that it has been a couple of days since I published this post but it has been a very depressive couple of days. The worst that I have been and I tried to find ways to avoid eviction but no one that reached out to me could help me seriously. I did made a crowdfunding and luckily it has been approved to go live today. Please donate to

  2. Yeah I just found out that one just now. Thank you for helping me. Will update the link here once I’m done creating the request. Thank you taking the time to look for me. Much appreciated

  3. I don’t know why but I want to bury my face in its fur

  4. Omg I love their fur. It’s beautiful

  5. I’m sorry but we don’t allow crypto related requests. Please set up a secure crowdfunding campaign. It helps to google your country plus crowdfunding.

  6. Oh I’m sorry about this. Will look into creating a crowdfunding. Thank you

  7. Awww he’s adorable. Thank you. I needed to see this. It made my day

  8. This is amazing. I can’t stop looking at it

  9. That cat is willing to walk on fire for you

  10. This is beautiful. I can’t take my eyes of it

  11. It’s not almost. It is bedtime

  12. We humans are just jealous of this cat

  13. Valid. You are not allowed to work throughout the week

  14. So precious. The patterns in the orange cat is so precious

  15. Awww he feels comfortable and safe

  16. It's so precious. I can't look away

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