1. Couple that with things we’ve seen over the years like “Where was Daredevil to help Spider-Man if it’s all canon?” Anytime we’ve seen heroes solo, fans poke fun at the fact that others don’t show up. It’d be kind of insane if X-Men are dealing with a world-ending scenario, and Avengers / Thunderbolts / whoever are MIA.

  2. I mean the comics are usually "something that is going to Mahe mutants extinct is Hakusho and no non-mutant heroes will help" The Avengers are not good allies

  3. I think people look for “jumping on points” too much. If a new writer starts on a book it’s almost always a good jumping on point, but also, you should be able to pick up an issue at the start of an arc or even the middle of an arc and be able to figure out what’s going on.

  4. I know I'm cutting the competition but a Stan Lee says, "Every comic is someone's first" They're all made to be accessible. That's how you get customers. Plus the more you read the more you get out of them! Which is why it's fun to go back to those first books you picked up after you've been reading for a few years

  5. Yeah, probably Nick Fury would not be black, so Hasselhoff is 🆗.

  6. I am happy that you guys provide free resources for the community, but i think it would be appropriate to mention that everything you are providing was generated via stable diffusion.

  7. Elizabeth Olsen was very proud of Wandavision and took it seriously- she’s a very devoted, understated actress in many ways. When Wanda has moments of lucidity, it’s Olsen doing the same acting as if she’s in any of the indies she was in.

  8. Yeah she said when she read the script she kept thinking "Wanda would never do this to people." But then she just had to responsive it as love for her children. But clearly she didn't like what they did to her character. I didn't either.

  9. No Way. The worst case scenario for the Kang Dynasty is it being pushed to 2026.

  10. In this case if the only reason x character exists bc of y character. X character is a legacy character bc y character probably died or went away or sum. Iron heart wouldn’t exist without Ironman and she makes her first suit out of mark 41. She also goes by Ironman sometime.

  11. Peter was highly inspired and mentored by Tony on the MCU. Is Spider-Man a legacy hero? Legacy heroes are people who take up the same mantel as someone before them. Only legacy heroes here are the two Caps black widow and Hawkeye.

  12. Spider-Man doesn’t exist bc Ironman. He’s his own character, terrible example. He got powers on his own and Ironman gave him a suit. Ironheart hasn’t even got the chance to take the mantle. She does in the comics and mcu is based off comics so she might in the mcu.

  13. Is intentionally ridiculous because op suggested if they're inspired by our trained by a hero they're legacy. So I was pointing out just how dumb of a definition of that is.

  14. Tom Taylor has done so great with Nightwing (and his relationship with Babs). He is a great fit

  15. Its one of things I most like about the mcu, time goes on, there a new generation of heroes and consequences matter

  16. If ms marvel gets those weird light powers instead of her current ones I’ll just be sad

  17. Well get your tissues ready then because that is definitely going to happen. They'll resurrect her on Krakoa and be all "she was an Inhuman with stretch powers, but she's now a mutant with light powers!"

  18. This is just a sales stunt and Kamala will be alive and well before the end of the year. As evidence I give you the following past events:

  19. I have been reading comics for the last decade. I've read everything you mentioned and know about the R B Silva leaks re: resurrection. I know she's coming back in a few months for the movie. I'm not upset that they're killing her. I'm upset that it's clearly a way to change her to be closer to the MCU. And i an so sick of Marvel changing their characters to make them closer to their film counterparts. It's disrespectful to the characters and the fans.

  20. The problem isn't MCU being too much like comic books. The problem is they keep changing comics to be too much like the MCU

  21. I get where you're coming from but the studio has to balance plot points quite carefully if they adapt the two episodes a week schedule. Doesn't mean it can't work though, Andor had a great two-episode premiere! My gut feeling tells me (and kinda hopes) that a full season release reïnforces the 'quality before quantity' strategy they want to have for the future. If the season isn't finished, why should we as a studio bother to release it anyways, let alone crank killing deadlines for post-production for the last episodes. I think we can agree that as long as there is no confusing overlap between other Disney+ series, the weekly schedule should still work in their forementioned strategy. ^^

  22. Idk Netflix tends me that binge releases is more of a quantity before quality thing. Because you then have to make way more stuff to keep people constantly engaged. If someone watches 6 episodes in 1 week as opposed to 6 weeks, then you have to make 5 more shows to make up for that engagement time span lapse

  23. Careful if you start watching those click bait videos. Your algorithm will start recommending them quite a bit after.

  24. Yeah all I do is watch lots of chill comic book channels and I constantly get recommended comics gate shit.

  25. Hearing they are grinding trying to make the film better & I think it will be action packed fun like iron man 3 or vol. 2. Just hope fans leave their distaste for Brie at home & just enjoy it if it’s good.

  26. I'm just worried because with the writers strike they can't really do reshoots. Like they can get a new angle or something, but if a scene isn't working but had viral information, they stubby be able to change it

  27. Honestly, because of the heightened metabolism, I think it would be funny if Steve was just constantly snacking on stuff. Just leaning in a corner stoically, eating like a well-off hobbit.

  28. I’m not like a movie maker, but iirc animation is more expensive than live action

  29. It's difficult when it's family like that. He could probably make the go away by saying he doesn't agree with his brother even though he still loves him, but who knows maybe that will make him bigger problems with his brother.

  30. I'm pretty sure I saw a picture of him wearing 3 percenter gear with his brother. So that makes me think he doesn't disagree

  31. https://thebrag.com/chris-pratt-seen-wearing-hat-supporting-white-supremacist-group-three-percenters/

  32. There's books? As in novels? Excuse me, I need to netrun Google for these relics. Time to delta.

  33. Not who you replied to but it's probably to not support Ezra Miller

  34. People are obviously entitled to their own moral opinions, but it's pretty obvious to me that Ezra was going through some sort of manic episode, and as someone with bipolar, you literally cannot control your actions and end up doing a lot of all sit you regret. Like that is the main part of the definition of the disease. What will really show us who Ezra is is what they're like afterwards. And so far they've been engaged with treatment for the last 6 months, plead guilty to their charges, and not been involved with any other controversies. If they keep showing commitment to their treatment plan, then obviously that sites ud who they are than how they acted while in crisis. I'm just saying that I think Ezra's current and future actions should hold a lot more weight in the whole "is supporting them ethical" debate. I'm not saying there shouldn't be consequences for their actions, just that the morality of the situation is a lot more complicated than it seems at first glance

  35. I remember Feige explicitly saying the stories would branch out more.

  36. Yeah at SDCC 2019 he said there would no longer be one story that they were ask working up to, there would be multiple plot lines, and they would not be in chronological order

  37. It’s so sad they will get away with keeping Miller. I get psychological issues are a thing and we need to support people going through shit, but that person is dangerous and violent and probably needs to be put in a place that can help nurture them back to society properly… letting them get a fatass paycheck and keep their fame as if nothing happened is crazy

  38. They are currently in a treatment center. Have been since at least August. Also, just because you are violent when you're having an episode doesn't mean you are violent when you're on medication and have taken the time to learn your triggers, better ways to cope, etc And they will experience consequences for what happened. They already got sentenced to a year of probation with random drug/alcohol tests and have paid multiple fines (they took plea deals, allowing them to avoid jail time. Pretty standard for misdemeanor charges). Not to mention they probably will have a very hard time getting hired in the near future. They made the movie, why shouldn't they get paid? They already completed the work.

  39. This movie wasn't mediocre though, so mediocre superhero fatigue shouldn't apply here

  40. BP2, Shang Chi Also I'm not saying all of them have been good; I'm saying it is ideal to have both companies making good movies, so we shouldn't be sad about Gunn leaving and going to DC

  41. Yea I’m definitely a bit uneducated on the implications of the wga strike, and like you said this needs to go through if there’s any hope for other aspects of entertainment. As far as writing, I’m mostly just saying that for someone like marvel, I don’t feel like anything that will come from this will change much for them. idk how strict marvel is about deadlines, so if more time is granted to writers without worry of being let go, that’s amazing, and working out how many writers are allowed in a room and what not will be important. I was just saying marvel has access to any and every screenwriter they want, so the likelihood that the quality of the writing improves after the strikes is unlikely

  42. There's also constantly tons of rewrites MOM had 33 rewrites from Waldron (that Disney asked for).

  43. Or like when some smokes too many cigarettes? Or like when someone shops too much with credit cards? Or like when someone plays too many scratchy lotteries? Or like when someone eats too much chocolate cake? Or like when someone eats too much chocolate cake and then barfs it up?

  44. You can talk about those things as long as you don't disclose identifying information. And if you're taking to either person involved in the dance care you're giving you can disclose identifying info without an ROI (like a nurse and doctor both treating you at the same hospital for the same issue. If you have like a therapist and a prescriber, they're technically treating you for the same issue, but you need an ROI since direct consultation isn't absolutely necessary)

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