1. First Ballot HOF for sucker punching teammates

  2. We saved roughly $5-10k furnishing our home through marketplace. For things like that, if you have the patience, it can be a gold mine (especially in a big city). Know what you're looking for specifically (brands/items)? Even better. If it's under $100 new, I personally have a hard time justifying buying used. At that point it's worth the credibility of the company standing behind the purchase and the convenience of delivery.

  3. George Hill somehow still gets playing time for the Bucks.

  4. How about we call it the BP (Best Player) Award.

  5. TIL there is a conflict of interest in the media

  6. I don't consider my way to be the only way, and I don't look down on people who can't or choose not to spend money on certain aesthetics. I'm just disagreeing with you about something that is objectively wrong (no planer can recreate the look of hewn timber), and making a comparison about that sort of shortcut. At the end of the day there is little evidence to say that timber frames are a cheaper option unless you are making a case for extreme longevity, or possibly carbon footprint. It's a choice of aesthetics and values. I would guess that most people in this sub would choose actual timber framing, and I don't see much difference between the craft and beauty of timber framing, and that of actual hewing.

  7. I have seen many customers choose the "hand hewn" aesthetic of what the planer produces (more so than actually hand hewn). There is a market for both. As I said in a different comment, I agree that they are not the same, so we agree that a planer is not recreating a true hand hewn look - many new TF customers do not know better and choose the planer option because it costs less.

  8. I think we're doing the typical carpenter thing, where you say things to each other about an approach or solution in a slightly louder tone each time, until you both figure out that you're saying the same thing

  9. FWIW, I would choose true hand-hewn on a place of my own. I worded my initial response poorly - glad we are on the same page now.

  10. I had the burger 2x within the past week: I recommend no egg/bacon. It's a fantastic burger! Mac'n cheese is also fantastic.

  11. Agreed. Lou's sells an individual deep dish, and as noted, is better than Giordano's.

  12. For individual sized "deep" dish Pequod's has to be mentioned for their lunch special. 7" pizza for $7.95 and many people argue they make the best "deep" dish pizza in Chicago.

  13. He was my worst player. Someone fighting for playoffs dropped kevin porter last week, I dropped Tobias for Kevin’s porter.

  14. The real W goes to Mike Brown. They both won the trade.

  15. Wouldn't it be amazing if the NBA made a statement about what criteria voters should use? MIP is self-evident, but subjective. How do we define most valuable or at least or at least what things should go into consideration?

  16. I know its not a burger, but the Slayer at Kumas is fucking amazing.

  17. I've only ever had the Sourvein (2x) and Plague Bringer (the latter of which was one of my favorite burger moments, ever). From purely a taste perspective, I don't get the knock on Kumas. I've had nothing but good experiences with their food.

  18. Okay? This is just my personal ranking based on my own individual preferences.

  19. I shared how I personally rank burgers...not sure what the first line is supposed to be in response to?

  20. Now I'm curious: Which player in the HOF has had the shortest career?

  21. Ask about how many re-sharpenings have been done on the chain. Should get about 6 re-sharpenings per chain and they are pretty expensive to replace ($500-$600).

  22. You want actual posssessions recovered, not just the possibility. Jump balls initiated and blocks don't guarantee a possession. If you're trying to quantify the reason for difference in FGA attributable by a individual player, that's difficult to do because you're still leaving out turnovers (when not a steal). Sometimes that's deflections, sometimes it's just playing great on-ball defense, the latter of which is difficult to quantify.

  23. Yeah. Ending with possession would be key. I think that would be easily tracked. Things like charges taken, blocks, and jump balls that convert to a change in possession are things that are pretty valuable IMO

  24. Keep in mind that only about 60-something percent of blocks are recovered by the blocking team.

  25. Yeah I think a more specific caveat with these references would be that the players team would end with possession of the ball

  26. THIS!! Thank you! I've never thought it was some big mystery.. Obviously I wish we would have went ahead with moving on sooner, but the "reason" to me has always seemed pretty clear. It's just that we didn't have anyone else on the roster who had the experience or had proven they could do it better..

  27. That makes sense. If that is in fact the reason, there's an argument to be made we would have been better off with someone out there who could have simply thrown up a fair catch wave and not risked the fumbles and muffs (even if they weren't a return threat).

  28. Still want to understand what led to him keeping A. Rodgers returning kicks early in the season. Pressure from the FO?

  29. Personally I don't want him to resign. I would love it if he committed to the packers long-term.

  30. Would be very interesting to do a re-draft each round each round as well (could even eliminate conferences the way they do for the All-Star draft)?

  31. If the drama follows you, maybe its you, kween.

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