1. Except when nuclear power has proven to consistently be an expensive boondoggle. We repeat the same mistakes and flush all that time & money down the toilet with every attempt to build a plant.

  2. More often than not, we get embarrassing failures like Vogtle, VC Summer, Flamanville, okluoto, Hinckley point c, etc.

  3. “More often than not” you say, ignoring every other successful reactor that is currently running. You’re anti nuclear, we get it. You don’t have to say more. We get it.

  4. Hard disagree on called by, and hard disagree on not including halq

  5. I find it so much more frustrating to hit the one area that bounces because of dispersion

  6. It came up n Chinese for me when I could get it to work. Buggy as hell

  7. Once upon a time I made patches for a clown medic and mixed a bit of itching powder into them for fun. Less fun to learn that itching powder does some damage

  8. Way back in FU, tigrex was affectionately called the first wall. I learned how to play bow just to beat him

  9. All hung needs to be good is for his second skill to not be defensive charge. That’s literally all he needs

  10. There is meaning behind it though. Some people are trying to argue that Ling has irreparably damaged the entire Arknights community and other such things. It really is pretty absurd. It's not even a meme at this point, it's just pathetic.

  11. The very idea that LING breaks the game when chalter and surtr exist is just silly. She’s strong yes, but no more game breaking than any other ‘meta’ operator

  12. I used to believe going hill was the move but it’s no longer true. You should guard access to the hill but going up hill on the hill is suicidal. The key to mines is staying on your side of the map. It’s critical that you let the reds fight you and your TDs instead of facing the enemy TDs

  13. This is why I hate that map. It’s one hill and the team that pushes over it exposes themselves first

  14. This game rewards patience and punishes impatience.

  15. I’m always on the team with the guy who just rushes over the hill

  16. I mean usually its monster but every time it isnt its elves.

  17. It’s kinda fucked up that Witcher elves are very literally evil invaders who committed genocide against a native race and then continue to be the aggressors in nearly every conflict they’re in. The poor dwarfs just get dragged into it because they’re not human.

  18. Isn't it the other way around? Other than the Elves affiliated with the Wild Hunt, the world of The Witcher was originally the Elves', but the Conjunction brought in Humans and Monsters, and from that point of view, it's the humans are the invaders. The Wild Hunt are a special case tho. Those are the real, actual invaders from Space.

  19. No, the elves came loooong before the conjunction via the same method the wild hunt uses. They’re the exact same race, and they’re not native. The elf city from Witcher 2 originally belonged to the lizard race

  20. Oh if you like this, the og pso2 soundtrack would blow your mind

  21. It’s hard to pick what would be the best soundtracks in the original. Crying Out Phantasy has the best feels in my opinion. UniVerse, Dark to Light, BattleStars, and Over The Universe are some of the best battle themes. I know that isn’t even scratching the surface.

  22. Over the universe and every battle theme from episode 6 set the bar so high that ngs music really disappointed me

  23. Love the netch on warden. I got entirely too used to spamming it. Also it keeps resources so full for a healer, feels so nice to play

  24. Literally any deck that fuses without an easy fusion search.

  25. Go play ARMA or something christ. Half the guns in this game are infested flesh.

  26. That’s not entirely fair, remember how upset people got about the Corinth prime removing the shell by shell reload?

  27. Edar makes me nostalgic for the first game in the worst way.

  28. Ghostricks and on this you have to hear my copium.

  29. I feel so bad for ghostrick tbh. It’s such an expensive deck, but it’s countered by the mere existence of link monsters. Talk about getting power crept

  30. Ancient gears! There’s just something about a huge beat stick that slaps the entire enemy board per turn

  31. Honestly why is gavial so low? I’m not super experienced with medics so this is a genuine question. She’s my main medic atm

  32. He looks like an anime character I would've drawn when I was 9

  33. Isn’t that the biggest complement of all? I was super into zoids as a 9 year old, and those are still the sickest shit ever

  34. Vs cyber dragons with my time lords deck, guy uses infinity to absorb my only monster, then spam summons a bunch of low attack cyber dragons only to fuse all of it into one of the cyber dragons that gains attack for each material used... including infinity, and then tried to swing for game before I flipped dimension wall on him

  35. They’re not, the defense budget is just that mind bogglingly huge

  36. So called clinical depression simply means diagnosed by a clinician when there are no tests for it. We need to stop medicalising and pathologising distress

  37. Stop downplaying the benefits of medicating. Please. It’s quite dangerous.

  38. They say this and yet I’ll probably still get ads about it

  39. The fact that ZERO churches and pastors are calling this out shows how pervasive the rot is. NONE of this is what God called for, is against what Jesus died for and is encouraging violence.

  40. There were a number of churches who called out the evangelicals for worshiping trump, but it’s been a while since I kept up with them.

  41. I suspect a lot of those mindful pastors have been pushed/forced out by parts of their rabid flocks.

  42. They weren’t evangelical churches so they had cheers from the audience. It’s the evangelicals you have to watch for.

  43. Do not be afraid to drop some gold on more defensive stats just for HoT. Your first time traversing the jungle will be hard without mounts or masteries, but also the authentic experience we went through at launch.

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