1. This is cool, you do a pretty good job commentating too.

  2. i’m actually using someone else’s madden 23 rosters, and i’m not sure if i am able to change the number on them or not. I will definitely look into fixing then if i can tho!

  3. It's kind of interesting how Madden, throughout most simulations I've watched of forthcoming Texans matchups, seems to give Mills two consistent qualities: constantly running into sacks and being frequently inaccurate. On the former point, Madden seems to love having Mills stand in the pocket and either run into sacks, or refuse to throw the ball away and take sacks. I literally watched one of these yesterday and as soon as the first Texans possession came up, I said "He's gonna get sacked for a loss of like 8 yards" and, sure enough, Mills just stands there and runs backwards into a sack for a big loss.

  4. Oh, 100%. I just find it fascinating how consistent it is across practically all Texans simulations. Somehow Madden is simultaneously not following stats and projecting that Lawrence will be dramatically better purely on potential (same for simulations involving Fields and Lance that I've seen), but kind of treats Mills better performances as a fluke and assumes he will be demonstrably worse this year for no real reason.

  5. in this sim series they’ve treated zach wilson, trevor lawrence, and trey lance very well, but they’ve treated davis mills, justin fields, and mac jones terribly

  6. This doesn’t make any sense. We have new coach and coaches. New QB. New offense no one has seen. Not a snap has been taken save practice. So how can a simulation be even close to accurate? What is Madden even computing?

  7. Do you have a spreadsheet of the results so far?

  8. i have a discord server that i keep track of all the scores and standings in, this game puts the broncos at 2-2-1

  9. trust me my friend, this is my 64th game called this season, i’m just as sick of it as you 😭

  10. I love how the Patriots couldn't spike the ball with 17 seconds left 😂

  11. What a poor ending for madden. Can’t simulate a rush to get to the line and spike it?

  12. if you think that’s bad, then my friend, this is just one of 65 games i’ve had to put up with. many of which end in the same way. madden doesn’t understand the concept of two minute drills or the fact that a game is allowed to end in a tie…

  13. Lol 14-14 tie in OT, thanks for the Karma farm 👎🏼

  14. How come it's not full length quarters, wouldn't that make it more realistic?

  15. because God forbid i have to sit in front of a screen for 3.5 hours a day and watch madden run through its bullshit 😂. yeah the scoring might be skewed tho

  16. Lol fair enough, didn't know you actually watched through the whole game I thought maybe there was a button to simulate it and just view the highlights after. Only played a couple games in the newest Madden online against my buddy once it was free on ea gamepass

  17. ah that makes sense. yeah i stream the game live everyday at 2 PM EST and then edit it into highlights that i post a few days later

  18. Most entertaining thing I’ve seen on here in days, thank you

  19. This just demonstrates how badly I need football to start back up. I watched the whole thing and now I am pumped to watch this new roster… even if we probably won’t be that great

  20. The commentary is really good. You do it well

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