1. nfl says:

    football data is beautiful :)

  2. You came from Oregon so I know this is important to you, which NFL team has your favorite jersey/helmet combo?

  3. nfl says:

    The Giants all-white color rush is my favorite

  4. Most interesting person in the NFL you have chatted with so far?

  5. nfl says:

    Consider this your official petition!

  6. nfl says:

    We would love to do an AMA with Kurt! Hopefully that is something we can make happen soon.

  7. Hi, Torry! Not so much a question, but more so a thank you.

  8. nfl says:

    Thank you! I remember that clip on the jugs machine. I would catch anywhere from 200-300 catches per day with that before or after practice. If you catch the ball off the jugs machine, you have to be laser focused and so it helped me to really hone in on catching the ball. It was another drill that helped me master the craft of playing the wide receiver position. Those drills were high priority for me.

  9. nfl says:

    Steak, chicken breasts, deep fried fish, coleslaw, mixed vegetables (peppers, onions, broccoli, cauliflower), gouda mac & cheese, baked beans with ground hamburger, fruit (strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, grapes), mashed potatoes

  10. Obligatory comment that might Dad beat him in high school when they were Sophomores. He threw for something ridiculous like 440 yds and 7TDs. Miss ya Dad!

  11. That Rice guy seemed pretty good too.

  12. nfl says:

    you might be onto something...

  13. NFL Films is the greatest thing ever.

  14. nfl says:

    no arguments here

  15. nfl says:

    Thanks! It made us so happy to listen to

  16. nfl says:

    It's an all-Reddit, all-day marathon on NFL Channel! We took your most popular answers and put them all back to back. So sit back, relax and watch your favorite NFL games!

  17. nfl says:

    Special shoutout and thanks for the suggestions

  18. nfl says:

    It all starts tomorrow (6/8) at 6 a.m. ET!

  19. Lamar and Josh Allen are my favorite QBs to watch so I'm excited as hell for that one

  20. nfl says:

    Gonna be SO GOOD

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