1. It takes a lot of time because you have to kill a lot of red deer

  2. Btw how long did it take you to kill 5000 red deer?

  3. i had a 270 low estimate lvl 4 and he scored 0.13 below diamond

  4. Down from 200something meters to 150ish. I imagine more people would be upset about their need zones moving than the spook change.

  5. they increased the spook range, was 200m now its abt 300, at least that's what I'm seeing

  6. I just shot one the same score wtf

  7. i have another one with the same score, lots of 270s will be 270.12

  8. shot him and he ran quite a bit, also ran around a lot trying to find him

  9. Is this map larger than most of the other dlc maps? This seems like a lot more outposts compared to some of the other maps.

  10. At risk of sounding really dumb…How are y’all counting your kills? Is it in the codex or player stats or something?

  11. the game doesnt keep track of individual species kills. i use a counter app on my phone to increase a counter every time i get a kill

  12. One of these years I will finally play that map…it’s so dang big and dense that it makes hunting hard. I remember playing at launch of the dlc and you could destroy the moose on the edge of the ice.

  13. The only reason I play that map is because I gotta prepare for the moose g1 grind

  14. I've had this before, I just thought of it as some funny glitch

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