1. Ah the summer… with f5’ng in full swing and yet the newest post is over 3 hours old

  2. Edit: tweets changed, but same text. Also Check the Pod out if you've got time - its a comprehensive United transfer update from Laurie, including Strikers, Outgoings, Maguire/ McTominay interest etc.

  3. I wonder if the reason we can actually start to move on players because maybe the sale is almost done and there just finalise it before an announcement to stock holders?

  4. He discusses in the Pod, says the 'suggestion is that the potential buyers are being kept abreast of the current progress on the transfer front'

  5. Nah I ll see it when I believe it. No way we go for another winger.

  6. Apparently according to some tier 3 spurs source levy want 200 mill for him from real

  7. Despite the name, the Radio is actually an official partner of Napoli.

  8. Tier 3..not great but not bad. Have we ever had Tier 2s or above talk about us going for Kim?

  9. Three Wembley Trips ? One's carabao cup, one's FA Cup and which is the third one ?

  10. Highlighting that Martial might be out for a while, and it doesn't seem to be clear if he'll be back in pre-season :

  11. Casemiro: I’ve never had an argument with Bruno Fernandes – it’s the opposite

  12. Erik ten Hag will stick to his Wembley blueprint for United's FA Cup final after being given the same changing room as their Carabao Cup triumph... but the Red Devils will have to change kit to avoid clashing with City’s first-choice colours

  13. A quite an incredible part of this whole flight story was - Avram was at the world cup in Qatar, and United picked up tab for that as well - In spite of that having nothing to do with the club!

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