1. If the Celtics lose, yeah it’s embarrassing to lose to an 8 seed but we’ll get over it by next season.

  2. Oh man I love the smell of bulletin board material

  3. Heat fans complaining about the refs will never not be hilarious to me. Like they weren’t almost gifted the win and a trip to the Finals last night on that terrible call that gave Jimmy 3 FTs.

  4. Yeah they didn’t play great last night, in the last 4 minutes in particular. They got extremely lucky, especially when Robinson missed those 2 wide open 3’s and obviously the White buzzer beater. However, to come back from a 3-0 series deficit you need a little luck to go your way, and that’s what happened.

  5. Joe can never win with some people in here lmao. Guarantee if he doesn’t call that timeout and we lost, you would have been saying he should be fired.

  6. Not only is that an obvious double dribble, that was not a shot attempt. These refs were fucking blind.

  7. Even without the blatant double dribble, how the fuck was that a shot in the eyes of the refs? That BS literally almost cost us our season if DWhite didn’t save the day.

  8. The Celtics played like absolute trash in this game, especially in the last 4 minutes of the 4th quarter, and still found a way to win. No way they shoot that bad 2 games in a row.

  9. I can’t think of his name right now, but didn’t we have a losing record with whoever the ref was tonight? It doesn’t matter

  10. Get out to a quick start like they did tonight. Plant that seed of doubt in Miami’s head. They’re starting to feel the pressure after failing to close out the series twice, take advantage of it.

  11. He finally got past the “let the players figure it out” stage and started calling timeouts whenever Miami went on any semblance of a run. Better late than never I guess.

  12. Joe has gotten a lot of criticism, deservedly so at times, but give him credit for these last 2 games. Whenever Miami went on any semblance of a run, he’s been quick to call a timeout, not allowing them to gain any momentum. Waited until we were down 3-0 to learn, but better late then never I guess.

  13. Whoever posted the “offseason thread” after game 3, where you at?

  14. Oh god, this team usually plays down to their opponent when they’re missing a key player.

  15. I usually like to keep things positive around here regarding this game, but event rewards have kinda been a huge L so far this year.

  16. It’s unfortunate it came at the expense of the Bruins, but what the Panthers are doing is nothing short of amazing. One of the most improbable playoff runs in NHL and possibly sports history.

  17. If you’re looking for proof the game isn’t pay to win, look no further than the 99 Kenley. One of the best relievers in the game and you can get him for free just by grinding out the Topps Now program.

  18. Looks like that offseason thread that was posted after game 3 was a bit premature….

  19. Happy for the win tonight, but won’t get too excited unless they win game 5. Right now it’s just false hope.

  20. If all they do in the offseason is fire Joe and run it back with the same roster, nothing will change. This core has played with the same mindset under every coach they’ve had.

  21. Jaylen Brown has the best job in the world. It doesn’t matter how bad he plays, all the focus is on Tatum when they lose.

  22. Hopefully the stretch of losing after the 8 game winning streak was just a blip on the radar and not what this team is, good step in the right direction tonight.

  23. Can we please not have revisionist history regarding the Bruins firing Cassidy? If they keep him, you’re talking about Bergeron most likely retiring, Krejci not returning, and DeBrusk forcing his way out via trade. I saw on another post that apparently Pasta also wanted out if they kept him. Good for him for getting to the WCF with Vegas, he was the right coach for that team. He wasn’t the right coach for this team, and firing him was still the right decision.

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