1. I put the subtitles in anime boss .

  2. Because In Islam , it is prohibited to paint picture of prophets...So if you can't respect someone's religion in your college then you shouldn't be in college...

  3. Carrying the whole team on his back😭

  4. Mbappe has better national team...also Haaland plays in epl while mbappe in farmers...i love both players but you should stop with these useless comparisons

  5. Why changing lana's skin color? She's beautiful the way she is bro

  6. No control over their desires ... Cant last a day without beer

  7. Dude... You losing semis by 10 wickets means you weren't good enough to be in final...

  8. As an England fan, I've gotta say Pakistan bowled brilliantly. Were very unlucky to miss out in the end, with Shaheens injury. If they had scored 150, 160 would have been a fascinating game.

  9. That's what I am saying... That we played extremely well and proved that we deserved to be in final... But Indians toxic fans are only seeing the defeat and barking like we didn't do anything in match and India lost by an inch in semis...

  10. Karma is basically a non Islamic concept. So that means Shami has converted to some other religion.

  11. It's actually not... The concept is same... It's kust karma say if you do bad or good, same will happen to this world... Islam say if you do bad and get away, you will get punishment in after... Abd if you do good and get anything in return in this world don't worry cuz you'll get it in afterlife

  12. Yaar I am pakistani but don't make dirty names...

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