1. but when they remove the burqa are beautiful though. asia cup dekhna tha lol

  2. bruh even i have that. you could een get it as a gift. if you have an NRI cousin or somethng. which i am sure everyone has

  3. Yaha mai pighal gayi . Tum kya kar rahe ho ye sab modiji ne karne se mana kiya hai hatt /s

  4. Bruh these American reactors acting like this shit easy. Even if they (pie and cal) had mediocre performance, these 2 gonna be worse

  5. sandy. power of indian culture. foreigner hai karke manipulate karega sandy bhai

  6. First go without the pc, then see how the situation is and then make friends with someone who will keep it in his home when you're out of station during vacations and stuff.

  7. if you're 15-18, most probably relationships are gonna hinder your success.

  8. Redditors ko waise bhi gf nahi milegi pura din WOMEN! WOMEN! karte rahte hai

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