1. Do u realise tats 2008 n this is 2023 even price of cig ain't the same 🤷🏾‍♂️

  2. You're talking about the real issues my guy. Wish the PM cared about cigarette smokers.

  3. The effect of rubbing his legs started to work

  4. Especially younger people don't realize how big Ronaldinho was at his prime. He certainly had a short prime, like 3-4 seasons in Barcelona. But during that time, Ronaldinho was the face of football. No player I know of, other than Messi and Cristiano reached that kind of stardom. He single handedly increased football's popularity.

  5. summed up perfectly. Neymar was just great but never the greatest. we've seen these monsters dominate for more than a decade and forget that even the greatest players had a prime of 3-4 seasons and x no. of consistent seasons.

  6. Obviously flop hai, first aata toh hit rehta. It's just behind Bahubali 2. Hit hona hai toh, ussse haraane padega. Minimum

  7. So you're telling 🅱️indu terrorists are better than 🅱️uslim terrorists. Tier list hai kya?

  8. Messi's career is the best bed time story to tell your grandkids about

  9. Just saw The Champagne talks crossed 200 miln streams.... Jokes aside dude is literally growing really fast...!

  10. obviously, mainstream kinda album hai, and maan meri jaan was a reels trend. so indian population aur views toh sab jaante hai

  11. Karim's resurgence proves how much a team which believes in you and plays for you(or services you) helps you as a player. Karim despite being a great player, Cristiano was always the top dog. After his departure, you can see how Karim became the top dog and the midfield loved him and serviced him. And for the past couple of years, Cristiano didn't have it. You can only be the best version of yourself if you're around the best players in the world. They cover for you, help you and make you better. And that's why the scariest version of Cristiano and Messi were when they were part of the greatest teams of all time.

  12. so that's just one era of awesome rivalry. top 3 spots. Boy, we've been blessed.

  13. I'm not talking about Cristiano and Messi, was talking about Real vs Barca. Bale, Neymar, Suarez, Busquets, Casemiro, Kroos, Iniesta, etc.

  14. they could, but there are going to be thrillers, surprises, bottling, mistakes, injuries, other teams clutchin. anything can happen

  15. Marcelo and Ronaldo. Yes im a nostalgia merchant.

  16. Bro, it's not just us. Marcelo even likes posts related to that duo. It's like he's always bombarded with the Fav Duo posts on ig.

  17. what on earth is that lol? and what about eating in halfs? like 2 & 1/2 or 3 &1/2 etc. do people have any problem with that

  18. Kroos has a massive problem. he cant score nomal goals. he refuses unless its a golazo

  19. do what i do, search it a couple of times on google for next 2 days, instagram will recommend you from then

  20. He's the fifth most expensive transfer of all time. How can he be underrated?

  21. If the costliest transfers were equivalent to the greatest player, then My boi Messi would be one of the worst players. He went for free. And most costly transfers fail btw, Eden Hazard, Lukaku, Alexis Sanchez, Jadon Sancho, Griezmann, Coutinho, Dembele(not as worse as others but still not worth the amount).

  22. This game reminded me of the Fergie Wenger years. A proper throwback. As for United? Ten Hag has worked miracles with that team. If Man Utd get sold and have a competent owner with Hag at the helm then they can easily return to the top. Arsenal I love how we're doing it, youth squad plus key signings. I wouldn't have been happy paying 90mill for Mudryk, it's too much.

  23. and their star boy rashford should be injury free. and consistent for 3 years minimum, they can build a dynasty. But Arsenal on the other hand, is unit. like everyone is so passioate, hungry. Saka;s so good and so nice. i love him. and odegaard doing wonders man

  24. Yeah you got a point, but his games are 50/50 when he is starting, you don't know if it is a good decision or a mistake

  25. idk why cama plays worse when he's a starter. but, something we should know that is, he is not the one who gets crushed under pressure, so he already is well on to being a great in the scene

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