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  1. I totally agree with that, Discovery is a joke were Burnham is some kind of living god. Picard is a disgrace. I stopped watching after the Echeb eye episode. I have only seen a few episodes of Discovery.

  2. maybe the required electric field is very high?

  3. next policy by Truss-Kwarteng, make leaves legal tender, we are now all millionaires.

  4. I will never get a pet fish after watching that video.

  5. poor guy, shows what kiind of evil (Putin) is stalking freedom in Ukraine. We need to help Ukraine.

  6. SNW is watchable but not in the same league as the Orville.

  7. Star Trek has always been about overt political messages. People who are pissed about them existing in SNW don't know what Trek was originally about. Like many things in their lives, they live in revisionist histories. They need to go back to their neck beard-riddled incel forums until they grow TF up. And the minute someone uses "SJW" as a pejorative I dismiss them as irrelevant. Not because I agree with everything a "SJW" says, but because the neckbearded incels use that as an insult to describe anyone that tries to be a decent human being and lend representation to non-caucasian males.

  8. NuTrek is dumbed down compared to real Star Trek, the writing is terrible. SNW is cheap a imitation of TOS and TNG. I am not even sure what the ethical messaging of SNW and Discovery really is? I can't see how intellectual degeneracy is "progressive".

  9. Amerikaner tror att isbjörnar bor i norra Sverige (alla norra regioner)

  10. Human nature, which is egotistical and can be hard hearted. But we will get there eventually, the human soul is pure, and society will eventually evolve so that people can be their true selves.

  11. NuTrek is not funny but it's a complete joke.

  12. really good episode, does not reach the heights of City on the Edge of Forever, but it's close. Also many funny moments, such "you must be sox fans" LOL.

  13. It really pisses me off when they conclude that Star Trek fans don't like Michael Burnham because she's a black. Fuck off with that bullshit. No Star Trek fan cares about the character's race... It's the fact that she's a traitorous mutineer that is given the role of Deus Ex Machina for every problem the crew faces.

  14. For me the 2nd best captain is Benjamin Sisko that's after Captain Kirk. I can't the stand the Burnham character, she is arrogant, deluded, and seems to be the hero all the time. I have only seen a few episode of STD and will never go back to it.

  15. best comment here "people need to stop pretending that Trek cares about diversity and representation of the current world when it clearly does not."

  16. SNW season is watchable but I won't renew to watch season 2. I am looking forward to watching Orville season 4, I have found my "new" Star Trek.

  17. This guy is an asshole. I have watched loads of his videos in the past and he is obsessed with this stuff. That’s not to say he is wrong on everything he says. He is a living version of a broken clock.

  18. He has clearly explained the fan baiting strategy, because he uses something similar. But I suppose he has a family and needs to make a living like the rest of us.

  19. wow what amazing mental gymnastics with dollops of wishful thinking !!

  20. nu trek is not Star Trek, the Orville is more Trek than NuTrek.

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