1. This is really the only way to handle gun control in the United States, to call it an uphill battle is an understatement but it's a worthy fight.

  2. Still sounds like silliness unless we're going to overhaul capitalism entirely. There are people who getting priced out of food and medicine. I just can't muster the energy to care that reddit is "overcharging" for the value of my data and clicks.

  3. I get the impression that's just who Manoah is and always was. The success didn't give him a big head, it gave him a big platform.

  4. I totally think his lack of failure gave him a sense of invulnerability, and his success gave him the muster to be fearless and loud about it.

  5. Roy Halladay took over 90 days in his minor league stints before he was back up to the major league club.

  6. Every time he’s in front of the media he looks like he’s going to cry

  7. He offered to go to the minors, but the team said no

  8. The fact he was prepared to humble himself says a lot about his character.

  9. This is why comparing Manoah’s struggles this year to Bo’s first half “struggles” last season is inaccurate

  10. If Bo hit below the Mendoza line, and ringing up golden sombrero’s every other game, it might come close.

  11. phyrexian vindicator prevents the damage that would receive and inflicts it to another target. It does not allow to skip this step and me and my permanents had hexproof so the oponent was forced to inflict this damage upon its own permanents (he was targeting its own phyrexian vindicators at first since they're invulnerable to damage but this was a loop that triggered the same effect).

  12. I agree. I think it's a good example of a vocal minority. I can't imagine that the majority of reddit users will care either way, and I'm sure that reddit knows it.

  13. 20 percent of traffic comes from these apps, and it is a population who has gone out of their way to a) avoid ads and b) avoid paying for Reddit Premium.

  14. I can’t believe that Reddit would want to stop providing a free service to people that don’t contribute to revenue

  15. I swear I'm not superstitious but also I'm absolutely going with this explanation, bring back the fucking jacket

  16. Well the analytics check out. That’s not superstition at all.

  17. It could be the BO1 hand smoother has been tweaked.

  18. gasp are you insinuating that an entirely opaque process that we all rely on could be changing in ways that most people here will viciously deny, despite having no evidence either way?

  19. Everybody knows that bo1 is all kinda fucked, nobody cares because it's just bo1.

  20. To those who say we don’t have any AAA arms, surely whomever we have is better than this?

  21. Masai is clearly waiting for the Reddit strike between June 12-14 to make a decision so we can't talk about it for a couple days.

  22. As much as we would support a strike, we would go back to usual operations in the event of major news

  23. Having the 3rd highest OPS+ is wild considering how many guys in the lineup have felt like auto outs this year. This is why there’s reason to be optimistic going forward imo

  24. I think it says a lot about how a few really poor at bats can muck up scoring runs when guys around those at bats are literally on base.

  25. As bad as Kiluchi was last year, I don’t think he ever had some of the “league worst” stats like Manoah does now.

  26. They’re likely assuming they’re gonna lose some users with this, still will probably profit more off it though unless it’s a really big amount

  27. They want more people watching ads and more people subscribing to Reddit Premium.

  28. The mods do a pretty solid job here so I too hope they aren't affected by the changes.

  29. Well, I recognize that I am in the extreme minority, but I use the Reddit IOS app all the time. As a premium subscriber it is very functional and the mod functions are actually very good. I’m actually very happy with it. I use Apollo too, but the size of the font on some of the menus is a huge turnoff for me, as is the inability to view gifs in comments “naturally”.

  30. My narrative is that clutch hitting is a myth, and Chris Black knows it as well as anyone else, and my unpopular opinion is that Mr Black is trolling for likes on the Twitter.

  31. Back in the day, old Reddit used to be pretty accessible and easy to use. Even when new Reddit was introduced, it was optional for a long, long time. However, as time has gone on, old Reddit lost more and more moderation related features. It stopped working on mobile. Old modmail was shut down. Etc. Etc. Etc. So blind users were gradually pushed further and further towards third party apps. It happened so slowly that I hadn't even realized that I just couldn't moderate at all without third party apps until I suddenly had to contend with a future without them.

  32. OP talks about broken navigation and missing elements and non-sensical labels on the iOS app.

  33. There's legitimate problems to the official reddit app, including feedback falling on deaf ears and long term issues going unsolved.

  34. I don't shit in our team. It's good. But near 500 baseball and disastrous months like may mean you can really suck in the AL east. That's just or reality. I think if manoah was just average and our production out of catcher was like last year we would be up there with the orioles.

  35. Exactly. Winning matters and we are now in a dog fight for the wild card spot no different than last year, except we are now on the outside looking in against 3 very good teams this year, and both Seattle and Boston are no jokes either.

  36. maybe make a half decent app that isn't a pile of shit? crazy idea, working for money.

  37. With Reddit premium, it’s perfectly functional.

  38. My favourite part of RIF is that gifs just display as URL's. Wasting screen comment space with lazy gif responses would kill my desire to keep reading a thread.

  39. I guess that’s just me then, because I use my cell phone most of the time and seeing it right in the responses — rather than clicking on a link — is what makes the gifs pop and worthwhile.

  40. I find it kind of interesting that they chose to have the baby back in Toronto.

  41. I can't express to you how much I dislike Aaron Rose. Dude literally repackages takes from Reddit into articles on SI or content on tiktok. Have not seen an original reporting in quite some time.

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