i feel i'd be great in a horror movie... wait! i mean whore movie [oc]

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  1. Sure I can give it a swirl. I mod quite some other nsfw subs. 😉

  2. Once the message system is more stable again I will accept. Because it's a mess right now...

  3. dude please accept the mod request...you are the only person who is invited....please accept and invite somone else. if you are not interested. please don't let the sub die. i immediately removed myself after inviting you thinking you would accept.

  4. Recently created by my friend with latest version of solidity and ethers.js. You can give this a try if you like:

  5. Maybe you can track using dexscreener.com...but it shows all contracts listed in exchanges. You can google using it's name...you need to do manual work to filter out legit projects.

  6. Checkout Deso blockchain. It is a blockchain built specifically for creating decentralized social networks. They already have decentralized reddit and twitter...and some other clones....

  7. Sounds good but I havent started using graph. I use traditional databases. But I like the part with emitting an event. Graph is like a database right?

  8. You must try graph, it was waaaaaaayyyyyyyyy easier than setting up your database and also this is a decentralized solution. But graph is not exactly a database alternative, it is an indexing solution.

  9. What should I store there? Can you give me examples in my case?

  10. mine always deploy in 1-2 min. are you getting an error on your wallet? do you see the transaction get queued in the mempool?

  11. Sounds like your RPC was having problems, this is not uncommon depending on your provider

  12. I doubt that because before I tried by vhanging RPC too but it still didn't work. I was using infura and then switched to alchemy.....didn't work in both the networks...now it deployed from alchemy only....

  13. I suppose you can work out what you want and put them into a diamond proxy as facets

  14. I tried but I am not sure how to so it. I tried to seperate just the GovernanceTimelockControl.sol alone for delegate calls but....having hard time figuring out how to do that...

  15. Make sure you have the optimizer enabled when compiling!

  16. I have it enabled and set it to run: 100 nd teied with differnt values till 1...no luck.

  17. I hope you are referring to a tamil trans women's video

  18. I didn't see the original video....dank.idly took just audio nd put it in some celeb's video.

  19. Ahh thala avanga dha....ana rombo neriya videos irukku...can't find the specific one i posted about.

  20. So, have you found it yet ? Can’t imagine how porn would look like in Indian soap opera style, maybe the climax would take forever.

  21. Well, you’ve been horny for it for 30 days, keep up for another 30 days and you will beat NNN. Or find some Indian porn and turn on Indian music while doo-doo-doo :>>>

  22. Use next JS and add env variables without the NEXT_PUBLIC prefix...you can use the variable in your next JS app without revealing it to your client.

  23. Awesome tool!!! Also is it possible to add sample contract button? To play around?

  24. Honestly I'd just move to Arbitrum or Optimism instead. 3 ~5 cent transactions are good enough for me.

  25. For what I remember isn't withdrawal waiting time is around 1 week on optimism? which is not user friendly.

  26. I literally started building on Avax instead of testnets lol…worth the $10 bucks of fees across a few dozen trxs (prob much cheaper even now lol)

  27. At the time I was developing you still could not get matric direct from CB to wallet, had to bridge with ETH

  28. Isn't polygon matic is mkre accessible now? Given that they have faucets and most cex supporting the coin?

  29. Regulations and end user projects. Web3 need to deviate from 'get rich' perspective to some usecases....use cases for now can be a payment method that can only be possible if things are regulated.

  30. As someone who has job hunted twice this year, the poll is wrong.

  31. Aee you employed? Did you get a job as solidity dev after those interviews?

  32. Guys!! I found this great article on DAOs and tracks that offer full web3 development for free!! (Some even pay you to learn)

  33. Is pay when you're hired plan available for all? What is it about?

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