Magnus Carlsen resigns after two moves against Hans Niemann in the Julius Baer Generation Cup

I'm genuinely flabbergasted.

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That's a little funny

  1. Can't really call it a world championship without Hans there but he played really, really well against the 2nd tier of super GMs. No one can deny that.

  2. Respect for suggesting a line that ends with you getting mated.

  3. I was replying to a guy suggesting Rxe5, but he deleted his comment pretty quickly

  4. I only want the truth to come out as soon as possible. Gоd blеss wiтн tгuе! Tгuе nеvеr diеs! Liегs will kiскed оff...

  5. Hello chess fans of the future reading this thread in 2033, yes this is quite the time to be alive.

  6. Hello chess fans of the 2033. Is "рiрi in раmpeгs" still the most popular meme?

  7. I've just analysed this game on chesscom and the report shows that Hans played with 100% accuracy. This is very suspicious

  8. In your mind, who would spend the money to improve the tech?

  9. He should Officiаlly invitе Magnus to OТB blitz mаtch with thе Prizе fuпd! Both оf them will invеst 5ООО$ and winnеr takеs it all!

  10. Why isnt it mate in one? g4 is just checkmate no?

  11. Although there is no move that gives an overwhelming and desicive advantage on the spot, I think black should play Nc6. This move simply developes a knight and attacks the queen, therefore forcing white to waste a tempo on retreating it. Black will be better after this move.

  12. Today Karjakin finally got a taste of what it feels like to be in the opposition, the one which he dislikes immensely as a fan of Putin. He is lucky, because he can experience this feeling without losing his freedom or getting beaten on protests.

  13. Is this a reference to the game 4 of Carlsen - Karjakin rapid tiebreak?

  14. Here it's not a knight fork, it's a big knife fork

  15. Rex Sinquefield wants to know your location

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