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  1. Oh I remember those days. Jumping off Mt Chilliad and slowly taking flight before I fell into the water north of the map. I’m pretty sure it still works very well in races.

  2. Nice. I've got a custom race from a long time ago that's just a bmx jump off mt chilliad towards paleto bay, you can jump all the way into the ocean with the bike at a diagonal angle. I'll have to give it a try again!

  3. I'm hoping for some kind of twist like this or something similar. The stub is the real time line and the future is rewritten, or both the stub and the future are both simulations, or some para reality. Idk, just speculating.

  4. Combined with Chairlifts in San Francisco, you might be onto something

  5. I haven't heard of chairlifts in SF, is that real?

  6. Carefully placed trebuchets and nets.

  7. I was a cook there. Very good pizza, but still a little off. They use honey in their dough, squirt oil on the plain cheese, and I dont care for the basil.

  8. The crust is a little too chewy for me, not sure if thats the honey though. I think the honey is for browning.

  9. Nothing about that band was what I’d call successful lol

  10. They are a notorious band for sure. I never thought they would be as well known as they are, only for their story though, not really for their music.

  11. Nah i didnt level up much in the past but the cash is cause i bought a whole bunch of expensive stuff and moved my businesses closer to the city

  12. How often/ How do you play to have such low rp since 2013?

  13. You realise your in your own echochamber. Twitter usage and new users is so much higher now than pre musk

  14. Get a triple axle in there and now we're talking

  15. I wanted to make a restaurant called "Thanksgiving" that had Thanksgiving food all year.

  16. Can they make a reader device that scans an entire book and converts it into a .pdf?

  17. And he’ll be fine & living better than all of us. He’s a POS & he knows none of this matters to his material situation.

  18. I'd love to see him living in a tent on the street

  19. I don't even want to defend the ridiculous car-centric planning of American cities.

  20. Just felt like this game been out long enough so I don’t have to see the streets showing I still get GPS waypoint but yeah map is Clear for me i just know where I’m going most the time

  21. Ive always wanted a race mode that has just the destination, no checkpoints, and let the drivers decide the best route to get there. Show who knows the map and the streets.

  22. You misheard "Full Self Driving Car". What he actually said was "Full Self Diving Company" and he was referring to twitter. That, he fully delivered on.

  23. What is the correlation with Diet Coke and fucking loonies?

  24. Susanna Hoffs of The Bangles. She tried to have a solo career and it tanked.

  25. I feel your pain, I work remotely for Starbucks and I hear my field techs saying the same thing. Our dispatch notes will read something simple like "please grab image from another device in the store, boot to USB and we'll profile the rest". It never goes smoothly and always has some sort of hiccups along the way with dated images, a huge backlog of updates, or just issues getting to the BIOS or booting the stick, lol.

  26. Thanks for sharing. It's cool to learn from people actually doing the work. Sounds a bit frustrating though.

  27. From an IT support specialist in training, you may have to make sure that the Drivers are up to date. Windows 10 probably has the current Drivers though.

  28. I haven't bought anything on BF in a very long time. I also don't ask for anything from anyone either. If there is something I really want i just buy it for myself during the year. But that is also rare.

  29. I'm not even sure why Bob went to the clinic to take the mom hostage. Why didn't he just go to the families house and stealth kill everyone? For a hired killer his methods are a bit questionable.

  30. I'm not sure why Bob didn't just go to their house to kill them, but ok.

  31. Me too, on certain ones yes. Need that crotch protection.

  32. Do you want someone shoving a spiked boot into your nuts and/or coochie and/or cloaca?

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