Cute Little Chinese Girl

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  1. Our body is formed from 75% of water but she is formed from 98% of plastic

  2. Her fart smells like burnt silicone

  3. I have bought every BP from season 2 - 2019. The only battle passes I got really hyped about was the OG urban tracker and the Japanese samurai theme one. The rest have been pretty average.

  4. So mom was pretending to be a teen on the internet and cyber bullying her own daughter? Lol wtf

  5. I honestly thought to top photo was the new model.

  6. You might as well just drop a turd in the urinal.

  7. What’s with Americans losing their shit over McDonald’s?

  8. A little backstory to this video for those who are wondering. It's so sad, the little Chinese girl did not know why her mom is actually sad.

  9. A little back story, you are full of crap. While I don’t agree with the treatment of the Uyghur people, spinning a false back story to support your own political beliefs is quite pathetic.

  10. Refute these facts then. Simple. It's not political to be against genocide

  11. The facts are you made up a BS backstory about the cute little girl’s mom, plain and simple. There are other subs where you can have discussions about the CCP, this sub is “made me smile”.

  12. Bear Grylls would eat that shit and boil its eyeballs for desert.

  13. The veins on your foot is gross af

  14. Have u update to latest version?

  15. Should I take a shit now or after dinner?

  16. Don’t understand the language but I imagine he was saying “don’t fuck with it, stay calm”

  17. I'm personally a person of religion, I believe in god and practice Christianity as best I can, but this kind of stuff just makes me disappointed. This is the kind of stuff that people leave their religion and choose to follow the devil, this is the kind of stuff that pushes people away. People act like they need to FORCE people into the religion, when it needs to be their choice.

  18. Not having religion in your life does not immediately mean they will choose to follow the devil. Being an atheist does not mean they don’t live with core values to be a good person and be kind to others. Just like having religion in your life does not stop people from committing horrendous crimes.

  19. Absolutely AWESOME. So much talent and their smiles bring joy to everyone watching. Ty for sharing

  20. I stole it, and it’s now on my mom’s///M powered KIA minivan.

  21. Those baggy clown pants suit her. 1000% a Karen.

  22. Someone will definitely hurt themselves with that

  23. Please please please let me finally win something

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