1. That's a great take from both of you— I hadn't put two and two together but I think that this is the crux of the issue.

  2. And instead of expressing his fear and insecurities like a well-adjusted adult, he frames the situation as if he is in a position of power (Therapist/patient, father/daughter, mentor/mentee) so he can fix or control you. His behavior is a red flag for a number of reasons, but a big one is that he is so entitled and so confident that he 1. assumes he is smarter than you and has power over you because he's a man. 2. Assumes his fears are facts. 3. Does not respect your opinions or experiences on the matter. 4. Is trying to convince you that there's something wrong with you and you need to change.

  3. That's the scary part people are missing here. Target doesn't think the government can stop violence from happening and protect staff/shoppers. That shows a huge erosion of trust in civil institutions, which is viewed as one key indicator in how well democracies are functioning. Historically, lack of faith in government is one of the driving forces towards revolts, revolutions, wars and coups.

  4. Yeah, this is alarming. The people making these threats and committing destructive acts are terrorists. Target backing down and kowtowing to them surprised me.

  5. Women and girls don't get taken seriously by doctors. If that doctor actually listened to you, she would have heard how much pain you're in and why you have toasted skin to begin with. Instead, she decided your pain wasn't real and that you have a mental health issue. I hope you explain this all to your regular doctor and have them clear your chart of the mental health bs. I would consider filing a complaint or reporting this doctor to the state medical board for failing you so badly.

  6. I've also wondered if I'm doing something wrong or if there's something wrong with me for not having an emotional experience. It feels nice, and sometimes I have thoughts that feel profound or whatever, but nothing extreme or life changing, at least during the session. It's still a positive experience and I still benefit from it. It feels comforting, so I guess that's something.

  7. I’m glad you’ve had nice experiences. I wish mine would feel nice, or positive. It’s actually not fun to stop existing. I find it highly disorienting, unsettling. It’s like a consciousness switch going on/off rapidly and that’s my existence. I still think I’m getting something out of it, and that’s why I keep going. No matter how unsettling it becomes, I always survive. So at least I have that going for me.

  8. I enjoy not existing, but I rarely have a trip where I completely forget who and what and where I am. There's a sweet spot where I don't lose grip on reality and I can just just enjoy the colors and feeling of movement. You might want to talk to your provider about lowering your dose so you don't disassociate completely.

  9. I'm also on 400mg every three days. I've noticed that after awhile the trips seem less vivid and intense. Sometimes I feel like doing it every three days doesn't give my brain enough time to process and recover from the previous session, or my brain feels foggy and slow the day after doing it and I don't like how dumb it makes me feel. That's why I started pushing my sessions out every 4 - 6 days and I'm currently taking a couple week break just to reset my tolerance and see how I am without it. I don't feel guilty for doing k therapy, but I do worry that I'll be branded an addict or something by an ignorant doctor.

  10. I know you're asking about magnesium, but I've noticed increased visuals/enhanced experience when I take a low dose THC/CBD tablet (2,5 - 5mg) about 30 min to and hour before. If you live where that's legal.

  11. I've experienced something similar, but I swallow my saliva as usual instead of keeping it in my mouth. I chalked the delay up to having eaten a big meal hours prior, but sometimes that isn't the case and I have no idea what's happening. In your situation it sounds like something the compounding pharmacy did.

  12. He looks like he has some pomeranian and king charles spaniel in him. His chest is large and his legs are thick and bowed, almost like a bull dog, but his face doesn't look remotely like one. Maybe corgi?

  13. So much entitlement. This is basically a confession and threat wrapped into one, but I'm sure law enforcement wouldn't take it seriously.

  14. The only guidance is to get it done the normal way and be out on a 2 to 3 year waiting list and pay lots of money... So yeah.

  15. I think you would be in so much pain, and losing so much blood, that standing still would be difficult.

  16. That's why I came here to ask. I also planned in watching documentaries to see if I could prepare. I'm at stage 1 of planning, not sure if I should commit to this yet.

  17. I'm glad you're doing some research. I think the more you know, the more you'll realize how unsafe it is.

  18. I let my family members know not to bother me. Sometimes I put my phone in airplane mode. My cat has jumped on my chest during sessions, and while it pulls me out of the experience a bit, I don't mind. I'd definitely be irritated if someone were to talk to me, though.

  19. Yeah my cat meows and screams until she gets what she wants. So that’s what I’m worried about. Also I know my bf won’t do it on purpose but we live in a small space and I just worry. I’m mostly worried it’ll have some horrible detrimental impact but is it more so that it’ll just make the treatment less effective?

  20. A screaming cat would be annoying, but I don't think it will make the treatment less effective.

  21. So many shitty responses on here and the one thorough, detailed response got ridiculed for being too long. Because your daughter can drastically change her behavior outside of the home in order to manipulate others, she likely isn't neurodivergent and is more likely to have ODD or sociopathy.

  22. Their website says "Now Serving AZ, CA, CO, FL, GA, MO, NY, NC, OH, PA, TX, UT, VA." I hope they expand to my state some day.

  23. Interesting, thanks for answering. I've been using suppositories and I've heard those specifically are notoriously inconsistent, so your answer reinforces my conviction that it's not the ROA but the frequency for me.

  24. I tried suppositories for a short time and they were definitely more inconsistent than troches.

  25. Thank you. I'm considering booking an appt with you. I've been with Dr. Smith for about 2 years and this is all so upsetting. Ketamine has been so helpful for me.

  26. I've been doing therapeutic ketamine for 3 - 4 years now and I've used four different pharmacies. I have no idea why some batches, or some pharmacies, vary so greatly. I've had great, long lasting, mood boosting trips on low doses, and barely anything on high ones. I had to switch pharmacies fairly recently and I have yet to experience anything close to an effective trip. I get the post-trip fogginess and sluggishness without the mental benefit. I also feel like I've "lost" the last couple months of treatment. I can't tell if pharmacies are inconsistent with dosing or if they're using different types of ketamine (is that a thing?).

  27. So many bigots coming out of the woodwork on this thread.I loved the series because it didn't fall into the one dimensional tropiness that so many sci fi series do. If you don't think representation matters, it means that your demographic is already well represented.

  28. Not just cultural diversity, but as a woman it was awesome to see so many female characters that weren't sexy tropes or damsels in distress. The Expanse blows the Bechdel test out of the water.

  29. Yes! Well rounded, complex characters that exist for reasons other than to just be sexy or a plot point for a male character.

  30. Who cares why he can’t tell you? He won’t. Can you live with that or not?

  31. This. He either doesn't love her or he's too emotionally immature to tell her. Neither reason is worth sticking around for.

  32. That's a fair point. Simply kicking homeless people out of the bathroom is not a comprehensive solution to homelessness, and it does not address the underlying issues that lead to people experiencing homelessness in the first place.

  33. They are staying at connections for the homeless or the emergency overnight shelter that's open during the cold months. During the day they have nowhere to go and many don't have a secure place to store their things. The solution would be to have a 24/7 shelter where they can spend time during the day, but that would take money for space and staffing.

  34. You keep posting about how over priced WW stuff is, and it is, but if you don't want to wait until the fall to buy them then you're going to have to come up with a good offer. Complaining isn't going to drive the price down.

  35. I usually hold the troche under my tongue and swallow my saliva like normal and things go ok. Sometimes I have two trips, the first one from absorption through the mouth and a 30 mins later a delayed one from digestion. Works fine for me. But a few weeks ago I decided to swallow my 350 mg troche because I really hate the taste. It took over an hour to hit. I thought I wasn't going to feel anything and took my earbuds out and got ready for bed. Man it was intense. And just when I thought it was over, I would get pulled under again. It wasn't a terrible experience, just way more powerful than expected and it took a lot longer to get it out of my system.

  36. I know this is a long shot, but both anthrax and the plague can cross over from animals. Leptospirosis is another big one that is more common and transfers from animals - she would need antibiotics for any of those diseases. Has anyone checked her water source? Does anyone else drink water from her house? If it's poisoning, it would be something that both her and her cat would have consumed or breathed or touched.

  37. There are so many terrible responses on here. It doesn't matter if having a file of photos is off-putting to some. The issue is that he has become abusive (control is abuse). It doesn't matter if he has a medical condition or if he is just a garden variety piece of shit because he is committing abuse regardless of cause. It sounds like he went from normal to controlling very quickly, which is alarming, because abusive people generally escalate their abuse. Please consider your safety here, op. You said yourself that you don't know how far it will go. Unfortunately, it can go south quickly and you could end up injured or dead.

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