1. 1968-1975. Just look at top 100 from 1973,

  2. This will be a popular one I think:

  3. My wife is disappointed she's only getting 5 1/2" and its more like a "wa-whoops" than a pounding, per se.

  4. Q: what kind of cheese isn't yours?

  5. This will be a popular answer: the 90's

  6. Not going to lie, my answer is:

  7. the need to make small talk. seems like a waste of time if we aren't talking about work or anything meaningful. But you can't talk about the really important or personal stuff in life with coworkers or other acquaintances.

  8. because they can't handle jealousy and/or obligations that come with it

  9. As a man, I think a sign is you can't stop thinking about them and get aroused while thinking of them.

  10. Because American society is controlled by single females between 25-60 now.

  11. Young lad is traumatized for life.

  12. First thing that comes to mind is basketball.

  13. I just can’t endorse or support eating wild mushrooms or berries. Too much risk for the reward.

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