1. Insert Raphtalia / Rocket Raccoon / doughnut joke here.

  2. Sauce: selector infected WIXOSS. It's like Yu-Gi-Oh! but they're lesbians, sort of.

  3. Yui is enjoying the fact Mio cannot bonk her for that.

  4. You know the meme where the mom says she doesn't want a cat, but the family gets one anyway, and now she's best friends with the cat? That mom is Mio.

  5. That subreddit name just rolls off the tongue, doesn't it?

  6. To the untrained eye, she does. The difference here is that Ritsu's hair is (relatively) long in front and short at the back, while Yui's is uniformly shoulder-level.

  7. The bottom left, which is the most obscure, is from a very wholesome anime called Happy Sugar Life. For those who haven't watched it yet, give it a try with the whole family!

  8. It doesn't matter what color Westlife sings about, because Mio will look good in it.

  9. Sauces: BoccRocc, Dattebayo, Happy Sugar Life (recommended to watch with children or grandparents), and F8.

  10. Bofuri. She's the leader of a group of mages who worship her, besides the other three named friends who don't really simp for her that hard. IRL she's introverted, shy, emotionally fragile, insecure, and likes cute things. She also doesn't feel like she deserves the credit her followers give her but still tries her best.

  11. How do you describe people who hate wordplay jokes? No fun intended.

  12. The girl with the biggest hands takes the smallest bites.

  13. Let's be thankful that in Ep 5 there were Kasuloli and sentient tentacles, but not in the same scene.

  14. They're new to reddit (7 day-old acc) and probably saw this in

  15. This is certainly easier and gayer than having to stoop down 10cm while unconsciously reminding your girlfriend how short they are.

  16. A S1E9 reference, except Mio now has four ears and can't taste anything sweet.

  17. I merged two screenshots of a Mii panorama from S2E1. You can see the imperfect demarcation between the two, but idc because Santa Mii!

  18. Is there a smaller version of headphones for catgirls?

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