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  1. Had bad experience with gulf countries so my response will always be don't go to them but to each their own.

  2. Yes this is the real way to combat anxiety, turning back to creator always helps.

  3. BTW, This also happened while attempting to update bios, said the same error for 7-zip bios installation.

  4. Man just get it if u want, an opinion on a situation like this shouldn’t influence your decision

  5. No they're coming in stock on the ps direct website as well as stores. Just buy a normal one and then a controller separately

  6. Thanks. Also is there any way to avoid my mum on checking on my laptop every week?

  7. Try not doing anything which you have to hide from mom :) I hope you well tho it can be a struggle

  8. real the 3 quls at night before sleeping. seek protection in Allah from shaitan and you will be fine inshaAllah.

  9. OG, Remastered or Definitive Edition? Excellent work mate

  10. Don't 100% know what you mean by trus5worhtiness, but I do know he is a Chad masha Allah

  11. It's a great feeling, but more importantly it is an obligation as a test from Almighty God.

  12. Exmuslim is not where you should get info. A hateful subreddit will obviously give you that type of information.

  13. Inna lillahi wa Inna ilayhi raji oon may Allah grant her jannah Ameen

  14. It is not hard, we make it hard ourselves, unfortunately. Islam is perfect. We just have to change ourselves. God put in in this world for a reason,

  15. It's weird because we look at this so fascinatingly but it won't be the same with any Abrahamic religion. Because Buddhism removes judging the wrong and right of life, the consequences of doing wrong and good reward for doing right. Rather it is just for making people feel better.

  16. That philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche is wrong on many ideas because it adds nothing but hopelessness, despair, arrogance for oneself, and deterioration of society. We shouldn't be looking up to these people. What is there to gain except loss.

  17. For me, death isn't scary at all, to finally meet the one who cared for me my whole life, who could've taken everything, yet he didn't, despite my many shortcomings, who are more merciful at me than my own mother, someone who can't misunderstand you or misjudge you, just see your true intentions without explanations.

  18. And now compare this to how atheists/agnostics think of life. It's clear cut which side is the best

  19. Exactly, which is why it is best to not follow social norms rather for one truth, which I believe is islam.

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