1. MAG was an amazing game. 256 v 256 anyone?

  2. But I thought this inflation was transitory?

  3. That would make a lot of dem donors suffer and it will never happen under Biden.

  4. Just another data point for why Forbes is garbage.

  5. Looks like a fun concept! (Also love it when sci-fi RLs use ASCII, and are heavy on the UI :D)

  6. That's an honor coming from the dev of one of my favorite games (Cogmind)! Thanks.

  7. Sounds like a wonderful place. But I hate being constrained to tools in this way.

  8. Neomycin worked for me to reduce bloat with my first bout of SIBO. Two years later when it returned, neomycin is nowhere to be found…. Haven’t tried rifixamin, but it sounds out of reach…. Good luck!

  9. But I'm told that I can't put the good china in the dishwasher... I'm so confused.

  10. So you use your china for your wagyu steaks and caviar? Sounds nice... /s

  11. Please have a seat and enjoy your meal.

  12. Why did Maurice slaughter 3? Because 7 ate 9.

  13. Sure, but their marzipan croissants are amazing!

  14. He’s apparently better at managing up…

  15. The third! Still have his notebooks. :)

  16. Sadly, we'll never know what happened...

  17. The best dog I’ve ever had was a foster fail. Good for you!

  18. For maps, algorithms include random walk, wave function collapse, diamond-square, cellular-automata, and many others. As others have said, there are many, and combinations of these that can be used.

  19. I've had success typing 'continue' where it would finish the long code segment.

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