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  1. There is no locally unfortunately, haha. From the middle of nowhere, can't justify a 5/6 hour drive without a guarantee of a sale.

  2. I use cash for transactions I'd rather there not be a financial paper trail for.

  3. Like buying a donut. I give you the money, and you give me a donut! We don’t need to bring paper and ink into this.

  4. Wow it’s always so nice to see well designed bicycle infrastructure

  5. Where was this listed? I’m looking into one in south Florida right now and was wondering if it’s the same one cause they’re asking $4900

  6. When I bought and remodeled my house, we burned the kitchen cabinets. My neighbor told me she had a daughter who was sensitive to the smoke and I stopped. Now I just do regular bonfires and keep it as smoke free as possible

  7. I think whoever is tuning it can optimize the engine to run however you’d like. Most people dyno the for more power, but theoretically you could do the opposite. Might not be worth the cost though. Let us know what happens!

  8. LOL we were just talking about this the other day. We had Monday off together, I stayed home solo on Tuesday and she stayed home on Wednesday solo. Much more productive

  9. Curious…why? The premiums seem ridiculous to me, and at least right now, they are not easy to liquidate outside of eBay. Maybe I’m missing the boat on these (and the goldbacks) but I just can’t handle the premiums. That, and I’m just a sucker for holding those weighty coins and bars😉

  10. Download a good audio book and you’ll be able to do it without even thinking about it!

  11. Newbie - what exactly is rare about a 2019 Quarter?

  12. The W means it’s from Westpoint Mint, instead of Philadelphia or some of the other big mints. Relatively few were made there (2 million I think) which makes them rather rare

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