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  1. I’ve found that when I see a pattern of opposite field popups and pull side ground balls, my daughter is getting too much on her front side and swinging around the ball. I don’t know if that’s your pattern or not, but maybe it will help.

  2. Reggie Jackson. That man was larger than life to this kid in elementary school.

  3. So, the plan seems to be: raise our opponents’ offensive totals so much that it drives their market value up, making them more expensive for our competitors. In the meantime, we will continue to stockpile unlikely, but hopeful rookies and underperforming journeymen in an effort to continue the cycle.

  4. The whole situation with adon just stinks he looks so stressed and overwhelmed up there on the mound i just feel bad for him

  5. Yeah. That’s why I’m suggesting Davey tells him that he’s pitching seven innings, no matter what. It takes the pressure off. Just go out there, get your ass kicked, and work it out. You don’t have to worry about getting pulled, nobody expects you to win the game, and maybe you build up a tolerance of pitching 120 per game.

  6. My daughter plays 12u and I always tell her, “no strikeouts, no walks” is the goal. Of course, both will happen occasionally. But I say swing freely and learn how to hit the ball. That way, as she gets older, she can better protect the plate with two strikes.

  7. sports betting commercials really try their hardest to be as physically uncomfortable as possible

  8. I was just thinking that I really hate them. But then I thought it would make me seem old if I complained.

  9. If Juan is “Childish Bambino”, is Erick “Fedde Wap”?

  10. For Mother’s Day, Fedde gonna start walking some moms too. You get a walk, and YOU get a walk, AND YOU GET A WALK.

  11. Music. It’s so variable. People get so condescending if you don’t have their favorite group that sold 75 albums thirty years ago on constant playlist. Or, if you don’t care for a current pop style, you must be old or uncool. It’s always been like this.

  12. I have bought and sold (rarely) a number of guns over the years. Gun values tend to be pretty easy to research online nowadays. You can bring them in to pretty much any gun store, but know the value of your firearms first. Please triple check that they are unloaded and no rounds are jammed in the chamber before taking them in. Sometimes when people inherit firearms they come in all sorts of conditions that the new owner is unaware.

  13. Somebody’s kids are doing the camera work. I’m getting whiplash.

  14. Your head looks like 70’s bootleg porn. Except not even creepy dudes in trench coats want to see it.

  15. It’s because you are a girl. And you can Hoover bowling balls up that gigantic schnoz. But mostly because you are a girl.

  16. You look like you can’t count beyond the fingers on one hand, but if you could, you could show everyone how many extra chromosomes you have.

  17. All the showers in the world can’t wash away that look of creepy,free-candy-in-the-van, dead-eye thing you got going there.

  18. Good news. You’re about 4 years away from 75 more lbs, 3 kids in tow at the Dollar General, and using your speaker phone in every public building you enter. All your dreams will be realized.

  19. Jesus. You’ve definitely been banned from every homeless shelter in a very large radius.

  20. You look like you put far too much effort into looking like you just got your ass beat on the Maury Povich show.

  21. Your homeschool teacher regularly called in sick just to avoid you.

  22. He is the manager of a used dildo store

  23. Thank you for taking that picture from across the room. Seriously.

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