1. Oh my God please no. Anytime you need an antibiotic you have to see a doctor or nurse practitioner and get it prescribed. And you should always take all of your antibiotics, or else you can create a bigger and more serious infection. You should never have pills left over.

  2. it’s actually prescribed from my dermatologist and whenever i have a flare up for acne i have a emergency bottle that is prescribed. they are only advised to take for up to three months, but i repeatedly have to go back on because it helps my acne and i have very bad acne. i am supposed to have it leftover.

  3. Regardless, if that is the purpose of that prescription, it may not work on infections caused by other issues. Some antibiotics only treat certain bacteria. You should still have it looked at by a professional.

  4. How is it going? I’m in the same boat.

  5. Me too, I leave tomorrow for college and promised to save all the tears for tomorrow but now i’m crying holding her

  6. I’ll be honest, this is your first of many sacrifices you’ll have to make when going to college. Also a dog guy here, have 3 myself, and one’s 16 years old and could kick the bucket at any time. I got through it by thinking that they would understand that I need to move on with my life, even if they have to let go while I’m gone.

  7. Oh my god that last sentence has me sobbing

  8. WAIT I FOUND IT!!! MA-0185-5628-5396

  9. My gf of 4 years and I use mushies for that exact reason!!! Everytime we came ourt of a trip it has made us more closer and communicate better!!! Mush love!!

  10. Awh I hope it works out the same for us!! How much do you guys usually take!

  11. We take about 3.5 grams!!!! She get super nauseas when she takes hers still trying to figure that out!! We done lemon tek, made chocolate, and also shroom tea!! Sometimes she feels ok but alot of times she throws up!! I don't think her body can handle the mushroom cell walls.

  12. Oh okay yeah I used to feel super nauseous on the come up too! Idk why i’m so nervous with 2g when i’ve taken 2.5 before I guess because it all feels so new. The 3tab trip I had wasn’t fun I needed it but it was honestly a really bad trip and i’m a lil anxious of things being so intense. I know no one can tell me what I should dose besides me but would I still be tripping on like 1.5-1.75? I haven’t taken that small of a dose ever and this may be the only time my bf will wanna trip he states. So I don’t wanna regret not taking 2 but man 1.75 would calm my nerves so much! Even tho at the end of the day it’s whatever I’m confortable with what do you think I should do.

  13. It needs to be removed before it comes out by itself. Sorry about that

  14. should i save the back hole or take it out myself

  15. Unfortunately that does need to come out before it gets worse and you can't get it redone. It looks like it was pierced way too close to the edge, especially in the front. I definitely feel your pain, my industrial is my absolute favorite piercing but I had the same issue on the back piercing and it's started to migrate :(((

  16. should i save the back hole and wait to get a piece of jewelry in it tonight? or should i just take it out muself

  17. You could try doing saline twice a day instead of once, and maybe get your piece changed to a longer one if it needs more room to accommodate inflammation

  18. the thing about the long bar was it got caught on EVERYTHING, I’ve only had my helix for two month but it’s been changed twice due to the first time it was pierced with a hoop, it became irritated so I got a flat back, then the flat back kept getting caught because it was so long so it was changed to a shorter bar. I feel like giving up, anytime it gets better it gets worse again

  19. Most professional piercers won’t pierce with a hoop since they move around so much and the goal is as little irritation as possible. I would go to a shop that is APP certified and have them give you some advice for this one. I hate to see people lose piercings :( I really hope you’re able to save it!

  20. i was able to save it! my helix is doing absolutely great now, but my industrial did reject today

  21. piercing was done on march 16th. i have 4 other piercings healing right now as well and have had a small bump previously on this exact piercing but it went away once i changed it to a flat back. it was originally a hoop but the irritation caused the bump. it’s titanium and i clean it twice a day with saline spray. i slept on it for a week on accident but nothing happened. i bumped it REALLY hard about two weeks ago. should i go to a doctor?

  22. The last picture made me laugh lol that deadpan look he's giving you is the exact look I get from my boyfriend (F29/M31) when I'm trying to take cute pictures of us LOL

  23. we were on a super long road trip to go to an amusement park in that picture and i was SO hyper meanwhile he was not, he was very annoyed. 😅 i also posted him on tiktok once and the comments were all like “why does he look mad at you??” like that’s just his face 😅😅.

  24. 16 and 18 is quite normal where i’m from actually :). i take advanced classes so i’m starting college as a sophomore meaning hell only be one year ahead of me next year. it’s really annoying hearing comments like this and it really takes a toll on him, two years of an age gap really isn’t bad. the age of consent in both of our states is 16, im already 18 at this point too so it’s kinda useless to worry about back then.

  25. Cake is garbage, made in China and filled with anything they feel like putting in there.

  26. Thank you, I appreciate it looking at 3chis website rn!

  27. You’re most likely going to be fine from smoking 1 or a few of them. But you could and probably should Order online. Skyhio has awesome carts for 15 each. Pineapple cake is outstanding. Smoke shops sell whatever to whoever. Often tainted or non-compliant d9 levels. and it delegitimizes the industry and creates issues for people that buy them and the surrounding areas as the law sees the issues with it and cracks down. Just buy online.

  28. Okay so just having this one is fine but in the future never buy it again? Thank you, I will definitely be buying online from now on!!

  29. how long did you wait between getting each piercing? that’s super impressive to get all of those in the span of three years!

  30. It should be a titanium stud or barbell for healing.

  31. i got it changed today! already feels so much better.

  32. i went to a shop to try to get a flat back labret, and they said it’s not safe to change it out if a bump has already developed. i accidentally slept on it last night but it’s really irritated, what should i do? cleaned with saline twice a day, sterling silver jewelry, 1 month old piercing.

  33. thank you! i absolutely love them

  34. what piercings did you have? i have 8 healing at once and i got them all in the same month stupid me 😭

  35. since september i’ve gotten: second right nostril, septum, left nostril, double helix, fourth lobe, upper helix, nipples, flat, tongue, vertical labret

  36. oh wow! did you get them all like together?

  37. this is how i feel a lot as well. it’s very easy to manipulate me because of this, i wish i knew how to work on it more that i just have to wait til afterwards. i have to give myself time to really think about it and rationalize it.

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