1. It's immoral to let a sucker keep their money.

  2. Costa Rica is really a sh!thole covered with cheap ecotourism advertisement.

  3. It's your fault for being stupid and naive. Stop blaming others for your mistakes.

  4. Were you born stupid or has the corrupt air in Costa Rica turned you into one?

  5. I don't like how crappy the software is and how they constantly used to seem to "forget" that I had paid for cam plus, but I got it specifically because it's a Chinese company and therefore I presume they're not as completely integrated into the American surveillance state, although the Ring cameras that the property management company has up around the parking lot sure are.

  6. Well, it looks like your brain has been soaked with kungpao 笨蛋

  7. From the responses, it does look like there are a lot of Wyze people hanging around here. They are very good at intimidating posts with negative comments about Wyze products and services. Unfortunately for them, I'm not easily intimidated. And for being so bully, those pro-Wyze people have actually turn me off and away from all Wyze products. I've now gotten rid of my last Wyze device and am feeling much better now.

  8. It just smells like this Josh Pinheiro guy is well connected to organized crime operations in the city and the county. They tend to take control of the government by corruption and imposing fear tactics. This is United States of America but employees of the City Los Banos (loosely understood as the shithole) are "afraid" of speaking out! That goes to show the kind of culture and conditions the people of Los Banos are living in now, much like what's going on in Mexico! I should know. I used to live there!

  9. There's a very sinister movement on going in US politics today. It certainly smells quite like the efforts by pro-Putin far right groups to derail and to weaken the democracies and governments around the world. In America, this effort is being spearheaded by Trump and his minions like Marjorie Taylor Greene, who is clearly a Putin's operative, deployed by the Kremlin to stir up as much chaos and trouble in American politics as possible.

  10. NEVER get intimidated by down votes. In fact I get encouraged by down votes because then I'd know I've "scratched" the right place! There companies out there who use third party company to "scourge" for reviews that expose their bad practices and products. The travel and tourism industries are notorious for this. In fact, a subReddit by the name /Travel is notorious for being a forum that's heavily exploited and manipulated by the tourism industry. They would pull all kinds of intimidation tactics to go after those posts that they deem "negative" to the industry.

  11. hualai is simply the company that manufactures/OEMs certain wyze cameras, they're not an AI company, just a company that offers AI services, which I don't think Wyze uses. It's not very hidden and has been known for a while. I poked around the app with wireshark recording and didn't see any requests to Hualai. Could you say how/where you found this script?

  12. Find an app that allows you to see hidden files (not Google File). You will see a folder named "hualai" under /storage/emulated/0/Android/data. Under "hualai" folder there are additional hidden files that can be viewed by a special app and method.

  13. China's obnoxiousness is part of the Chinese culture. How they fight in a war is like how they drive on the road!

  14. LA culture? Yeap! The Greenline is very unsafe to ride on, especially for women. What worse is the Blueline, which connects the Green line to Union Station. So, taking the train is not a good option due to this and the fact that you'd have to catch a bus from the train station if you want get to airport terminals.

  15. It would be advantageous for Merced to remove individuals who are commonly known as the "good-ol boys." This group consists of many politicians who hold power, and are often from the same influential landowning families with vested interests.

  16. Bingo! "Good-ol boys" mentality is what makes Merced going against progress. You've also brought up some important points about "influential landowning families".

  17. We can now watch how Norfolk Southern train company plays politics to weasel itself out of this mess. So far Norfolk Southern has been successful in keeping its name out of reports on CNN and other major media outlets!

  18. That fits the model of fascism. And while the Republicans boast their faith as "Christian", everything they are doing is very un-Christian. They are into materialism, wealth, greed, selfishness, lying (Trump, George Santos, Marjorie Taylor Greene, et. al.), and hypocrisy. Are these fake Christians actually the Antichrist the Bible has warned us about?

  19. China is like a stupid, barbaric, and violent kid with a serious mental issue, trying to play with adults.

  20. To save the US government institution is to remove/eliminate traitors like George Santos, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and Matt Gaetz. Their actions, their behaviors, and their characters are detrimental to US national security and the integrity of Congress. How could anyone in- or outside of the US have any respect for a government institution that has members like those jokers? As for Santos in particular, the b#ster is clearly a pathological LIAR. So how can we all such disgusting character to be someone our children would look up to for role model? Beside that, Santos' own constituents want him OUT of Congress!

  21. Marjorie Taylor Greene has one mission (given by Vladimir Putin): to cause as much chaos, disruption, and division as possible. She certainly is unhinged, emotionally UNSTABLE, and spiritually corrupt, and intellectually deficient. She's a perfect Manchurian candidate Putin has deployed to US Congress... to destroy it!

  22. Is this an idea or do you have evidence? I have no doubt about Russia's influence among republicans in general, but I'm curious about mtg in particular.

  23. Just simply look at MTG's own behaviors, rhetoric, actions, and whom she's been attacking. Everything she's been doing is what Putin wants to see done! This Putin's b#tch is clearly bringing destruction to America, a country I love! So, MTG is America's dangerous enemy just because where she is in our government! There must be ways to eliminate traitors like Greene!

  24. It's very likely that the Chinese are going mad because their other flying spy machine got shot down. Who else would be belligerent enough to fly another unidentified aircraft over a territory that has just been violated a few days prior? Or could it be one of Putin's stupidity?

  25. I don't mean to be rude, but is this the Merced subreddit or the air quality subreddit?

  26. Well, you can choose to ignore it. Meanwhile, air quality is everyone's business. Everyone is breathing, right?

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