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  1. Geralmente é o contrário né. Mas foda de qualquer maneira

  2. I think is related to stuff like depression, adhd, isolation and brain fog. I keep forgetting things so much now. Like my passwords, places etc. Other day I couldn't remember if we were in 2022 or 2023 lmao

  3. Yeah same... even when I just finish some conflict I had to resolve, I also shutdown. Yesterday I paid someone I was in debt, I felt so relieved to see that person understood I had my depression and time to heal, but then I just feel so little and numb. I couldn't talk or focus in my stuff well. I was all over the place inside and had to recharge alone.

  4. Yeah, all the social events still seems a nightmare...

  5. I feel like I feel too much empathy. Yes I struggle to know if someone is sad or angry, but as soon as I do know, I feel the same emotion hit me like a brick. I cried for weeks when my sister’s relationship ended (and I didn’t even like him), because I knew she was upset. It’s weird.

  6. Same here :( I feel like my empathy and feeling just overflow.

  7. Pessoal da limpeza, obras e empregadas domésticas pegando vários ônibus olhando essa patifaria

  8. I have emetophibia as well, and went to extreme measures not to throw up as a kid. I would sit completely still and hope the feeling would go away. The whole experience of nausea through the act of throwing up is a nightmare.

  9. Omg I'm so sorry you had this when you were pregnant :(( I have to say one of the reasons I don't want child is because of emetophobia and pain... When I'm more older maybe I adopt, but I can see how hard it was for you.

  10. I feel deeply for you. I’ve always HATED throwing up— the taste, the feel, the smell; it’s a sensory overload!! I’m sorry that you’re in pain, but it’s nice to know I’m not alone with this experience. No one ever understood why I hated puking so much and neither did i. I also hate sneezing, so being sick is a nightmare for me.

  11. I'm sorry that you feel the same. I also hate when I have cold too or like sinusitis, it's horrible. People just can't understand how is hard having this fear

  12. Olha, eu acredito no potencial de chef adormecido em cada ser humano. Da pra fazer umas brocas boas e baratas pra levar. Não é fácil no começo, mas depois melhora como qualquer outra habilidade. Tem uns vídeos no YouTube que ajudam demais.

  13. Since childhood I hate embarrassment humor, and humor that hurt others. It's so cringe and bizarre.

  14. Yeah... yesterday I was so upset with so many things. The world we live is so unfair, there's so injustice to poor, woman and people with disabilities and so on. It's like this world isn't built for us in any way.

  15. Pensar que já passei umas dessas. 600 contos pra game design e só monte de coisa pra fazer em pouco tempo

  16. Panromantic ace looking at this 🧍‍♂️

  17. Yikes. These isekais with slaves just needs to stop

  18. I read a manga that has this plot lmao I always have fear this

  19. Posso estar errado amigo, me corrija, mas eu acho muito mais seguro trabalhar em um ambiente onde o único risco é fofoca sobre a roupa da colega do que ser assediada por patrão velho, broxa e filho da puta.

  20. Falou tudo na moral. Até outro mito é que homem não fofoca. De todo lugar que trabalhei tinha grupo de fofoca dos brothers kkkk só marmanjo falando da vida dos outros. Só que o estereótipo acaba caindo só na mulher.

  21. Yeah 🙋‍♀️ and people outside wouldn't figure out what's the problem because that's cool and they seem fun. I just want a functional peaceful life, but i had to be almost the parent for my parents till today

  22. Thank you so much. I also would have loved to hear what you said and be your friend. I think if we all had find each others before we wouldn't felt so alone and out of place when we were younger. Till today I have to keep reminding that it's okay be me, the weird version but true me. It's a process :(

  23. I do. There's tons of TV shows and animes, mangas I procrastinate and never watch. My list of videos to watch later are full of things I really want to watch, but then I just keep then on this list of doom lmao

  24. I sit like this tooo. Since a kid tbh but is really related to EDS too. We have hypermobility. My grandfather also used to sit bending his legs in different ways

  25. Eu amo MUITO esse diálogo ajsjahsh por mim eu botava num quadro

  26. I feel like 90% of the people that post here are autistic or are and don’t know it yet. I’ve seen a lot of posts like “why do I rock back and forth when I daydream” or “I spend 5 hours a day pacing and now I have leg pain” and it all just screams autism to me.

  27. Exactly. It's really seems like stims. Even if I'm not the type of persons who paces, but even when I'm completely still daydream, I would stim a little with my hands or feet.

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