1. I wish it had worked on me. I got the most terrible panic attack when I used:(

  2. A lot. I also work most of my time with my laptop on bed because i feel tired. Maybe the position makes my neck hurts, but even any other position I always have this location on pain

  3. I was into metal, goth rock, reggae, eletronic, eurobeat, kpop, jpop, pop, rap, prog, and so on. I think there isn't a specific genre I like more. But I like some bands and projects more than others in specific genres.

  4. I like to think the same. When I was a kid I used to think that my daydreams did happen in some time and space, maybe in another galaxy. These days I daydream to regulate myself, its like my safe space

  5. I take cyclobenzaprine when the pain is too much. But I hope you can go to a hospital to check up :(

  6. Lol 😂 means YouTube is doing good job to attract your attention 🤟❤️

  7. Always. They are only creations of my mind, but every idea don't just appears from nothing, so I got inspired by some arts and stories.

  8. Queria ter tido essa sorte em um lugar que trabalhei. Me demitiram por essa razão kkkkk

  9. I'm so sorry mom, I hope you are taking care of yourself and also having someone to feed you. You are amazing, please take care 🥺

  10. Maybe all of these, but the last one not so much relatable

  11. My mom is 54 and she always loved to play that crane machines and pick up that stuffed toys. I know how society it's hard on asd and adhd adults but I think we all should embrace what makes us happy. I always try to encourage my mother to play, and even my brother to be more softer too. It's okay and I'm happy that you had pick for you what makes you feel better:)

  12. Simplesmente genial o filtro e o adesivo do MST

  13. Sounds typical for a pseudoscience to believe other pseudoscience.

  14. Wow that Comic is amazing! I didn't knew the whole story. It's really sad how so many people died by this and were being manipulated :( I feel disgusted by pseudoscience

  15. The care and tips for drinking water, exercising is really good for your body, you can keep going, but chiropractic itself don't have validation by science. It's like Reiki, or acupuncture, there's people that like and feel better doing, but you know it's not really something scientific proven and in this case has a chance of making something bad by cracking the bad place. There's lately a ton of videos on YouTube debunking this. It's really interesting.

  16. É que nem psyco killer do talking heads sendo sobre autismo (inclusive o cantor é autista)

  17. The last time I asked for cuddles, a allo ex friend took advantage of me trying to kiss me and having his way. I don't think is that safe

  18. Beautiful. I loved the colors. Reminds me of Van gogh

  19. Eu me sinto a mesma coisa. Uma criança e uma velha ao mesmo tempo. Não consigo controlar o que preciso fazer no dia, dou importância a coisas que não tem a urgência necessária e o que é urgente eu deixo chegar no limite até passar. Ando bem ansiosa e pensando que isso pode me fazer voltar a ter pensamentos ruins de depressão. O que tem funcionado pra mim é o seguinte. Tentar dormir cedo (as vezes durmo ouvindo hipnose em inglês pra dormir tipo do michael sealey). Quando acordar nunca pegar o celular de primeira. Primeiro fazer suas necessidades, tomar café, organizar rapidamente o que puder depois em casa em 15 minutos. Como se fosse um mini game. As vezes coloco uns podcast ou vídeos que acho interessante pra ouvir de fundo enquanto faço alguma tarefa de casa maçante ou trabalho. Mas nem todo dia parece que a gente tá tão bem, então não se cobra muito nesses dias e tenta recarregar um pouquinho fazendo algo que você gosta pra não ter um burnout. E desentulhar as coisas em casa tem vídeos no YouTube que ensinam a como fazer o passo a passo pra organizar bagunça. Eu até que gosto de arrumar as coisas de casa, mas meus documentos e armários de roupa acabam sempre ficando uma bagunça em pouco tempo kkkk não é fácil mas a gente vai lutando um pouco a cada dia...

  20. Same here, but I also had enjoyed 3 and 4. I'm struggling because my pc had broken and I think it was due to some virus while downloading many mods and stuff for my game :( everything was so beautiful.

  21. ALRIGHT I HAVE TO ADRESS THIS. don’t ask / read the manhwa. it’s not about autism or anyhow related!!

  22. Lmao I read only now the message. It's alright. I also enjoy bl and sadly some characters are not flawless in any genre

  23. uhhhh it’s not about autism

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