1. How does one do the adjust-life-to-their-absence part? It just fucking hurts 😞

  2. The main thing that helped me move on was time, but while you're waiting for that, it really helps to find other, non-romantic passions. Try a new hobby, go back to a project you forgot about. Channel your energy into something that isn't another person. Eventually you realise you don't miss them anymore.

  3. Some people get mad at women literally just sitting down and having a drink. What in earth. What bugs me is that they just look happy, it looks like they have a nice, summer evening out. They are not doing anything obnoxious or noteworthy, literally just SITTING.

  4. You forgot to mention their biggest crime - having boobs

  5. Sorry for a bad angle, it was the last try at the end of the session, and I just wanted to quickly record it to share (and the most important part is the end). So, I’ve been climbing for almost a year and this still happens quite a lot (maybe 50% of the routes) - I’m just too afraid to do some last moves at the top. And the move here is not really difficult - you have a great foot hold and a decent hand hold, I can do harder moves at the bottom without any issues. I tried this route ~10 times and just can’t force myself to make the last move. And this is not this route specific, this is my biggest problem in climbing in general at the moment..

  6. I have the same problem, but it was even more intense like a month ago. I barely finished any routes.

  7. One of my common anxieties is "what if that hold isn't actually a jug and i dont grab it properly" or "what if it's further than I think and i commit, then faceplant".

  8. I love using LGL. I don't have experience with this exact situation, but the customer support is amazing; I'd recommend reaching out to them. They're also open to suggestions for making the platform work better for nonprofits.

  9. I have found their customer support team are quick to respond, which is handy. What's your experience been with linking constituents (e.g. if you have multiple different contacts for one organisation)? Or does that not come up much?

  10. Thanks! Currently we don't have the budget to change CRMs anyway so any recommendations or sales pitches would be wasted haha

  11. Do you have anxiety? My psychiatrist put me on strattera first bc stimulants can exacerbate anxiety, but he very clearly explained his reasoning to me. Ironically the strattera made me anxious, so he put me on a stimulant after all and that's been okay.

  12. Absolutely not trying to diagnose, but have you looked into the symptoms of ADHD (specifically inattentive type)? I realised I had it for similar reasons after I got my ASD diagnosis.

  13. I mean i trust my cats but never in hell would i let them do anything close to this

  14. My cat is why I don't have a rabbit or any reptiles, as much as I would like to. I've heard some people make it work through separation and supervision (not like the post here) but it just doesn't seem worth the risk and constant anxiety. My desire to have certain animals doesn't trump those animals' rights to a safe and stress-free life.

  15. Genuine question, do you get a discount on shoes? Or do you have to buy a pair and just never use one?

  16. There are websites where amputees exchange shoes.

  17. I love that. I imagine that could also be helpful for non-amputees who have size differences between feet.

  18. I got the forehead bumps a month into doxy (fungal acne im p sure), ended up stopping it after ten weeks bc my skin texture was worse and my rosacea hadn't changed. That was only 5mg I think though.

  19. I still have the forehead bumps but not as intensely. Yesterday I used dove’s anti dandruff and to me, my forehead feels smoother lol

  20. I might have to try that. I've seen people suggesting Head and Shoulders shampoo, but my face is so sensitive I'm wary of that haha.

  21. oh come on, do tell the meaning, don't leave us hanging!

  22. It means shoving drugs up your ass (either to hide them or so they kick in faster, I'm not sure). And no, I'm not messing with you.

  23. Have you tried them? I have Loops but HATE the underwater feeling

  24. I kinda wish that concept of them being a connected hive mind was in the game. Where, if you kill or alert one, others definitely come unless you somehow sever the connection.

  25. Apparently they had tendrils in early concepts, but it was really hard to get the AI to work. Companions broke stealth and set them off constantly so you were always having to save them. They ended up scrapping it from the game.

  26. Are body shots one shot kills in grounded? Does that apply in tlou2 too?

  27. From memory, no. I think headshots were the only one shot kills (might be different w close range shotgun tho). Part 2 rly took the power out of the revolver in Grounded, was kinda sad.

  28. I would like it to include as many people as possible. Femme might not be the right word moving forward. I want to include anyone who identifies on any level with being a woman and would feel that they would benefit from climbing with a group as such.

  29. I've heard "women, nonbinary, and gender diverse" used, might be good phrasing to avoid alienating masc women

  30. Tbh I've met autistics that do this too, so I don't think it's exclusive to NTs. I work with a high-masking older (confirmed) autistic person who makes the biggest leaps in assumptions, it gets really frustrating.

  31. I think people are reading into the amputees a little too much. Once you’re bit that’s it, no cutting it off. They were extras requested to add to the hostility of the environment.

  32. I hope they clarify this bc I'm with you. In the DLC, there are a bunch of tape recorders saying they tried to amputate and it didn't work. They might not stick to that for the show though.

  33. Yep, for me it happens when I don't rest enough. Any time I go "should I take a break? nah it'll be fine", basically. Annoyingly I end up having to rest more than most, but it does help.

  34. I had to uninstall it bc it was making me so overstimulated and emotionally overwhelmed, jumping from happy to sad in seconds. Not having it has helped me be a lil more mindful (still takes effort though).

  35. Time to unfollow this sub til I finish work and can watch (it comes out at 1pm in my country)

  36. My sibling tried to play the game. But it was too hard for her. She was stuck at Bills Town. I told her she could turn down the difficulty. But she was too proud she opted to just wait for the show.

  37. TLOU is the game that taught me how to do that less than a year ago. Since then I've completed grounded on both games :)

  38. The way you have your arms long is great. I'd recommend bringing your feet up higher before moving your hands, so you're pushing up through your legs.

  39. That stupid quick turnaround maneuver that they teach you after the Fireflies attack the checkpoint, which I'm sure 99.9% of players never, ever used again after the tutorial.

  40. I used it in grounded, but had to google how to do it again bc I always ignored it lol

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